10 Powerful Smart Goal Examples To Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Wondering why you’ve not been able to achieve your goals? It’s probably because they are not SMART goals. In this article, we’ll discuss ten powerful SMART goal examples, and how to write a SMART goal to achieve anything.

Smart goal examples

What Is a SMART Goal?

‘SMART’ is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. SMART goals meet all 5 of these criteria — and, as a result, are strategic, focused, and actionable.

What Is SMART Goals Example?

Specific: you should be precise about your goal.
Measurable: The goal should be quantifiable, with trackable progress.
Achievable: The goal should be attainable — not outlandish or unrealistic.
Relevant: The goal should contribute to your broader, overarching goals.
Time-bound: The goal should have a defined start and end date.

Smart goal examples

Why Are SMART Goals Important?

Setting a SMART goal will help you understand exactly what you need to do (and when you need to do it) to achieve your desired outcome. It helps you to have clarity.

Goals that aren’t SMART are usually more like mere wishes and resolutions—you feel good when making them, but they’re almost impossible to implement and achieve.


10 Effective SMART Goal Examples

Now that we have established what SMART goals are and why they are important, let’s look at some SMART goals examples that can help you.

Personal SMART Goal Examples

Here are some examples of personal SMART goals to help you improve anything in your life.

1. Improve Relationships

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to improve my relationships.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I will develop my relationships with James and Linda.
Measurable: I will call them twice a week.
Achievable: I talk to these people regularly, and we always say how it’d be nice to talk more.
Relevant: I want to deepen my social ties, feel more loved and supported in my life, and support those I love.
Time-bound: I will stick to this plan for 3 months, then re-evaluate and plan my next steps.

2. Achieve a Personal Project

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to write a book.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I will write a 60,000-word romance novel.
Measurable: I will finish writing the novel in 6 months.
Achievable: I will write 2,500 words every week.
Relevant: I will be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional writer.
Time-bound: I will start writing on January 1st, and finish on June 30th.

3. Get Fit

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to get fit.

SMART Goal Example:
Specific: I will run everyday and train for a marathon.
Measurable: I will follow the Nike app training program and prepare to run a full, nonstop marathon.
Achievable: I have done some running before, my body is reasonably healthy, and the marathon is 6 months from now.
Relevant: I want to become a fit, healthier, and stronger person, full of vitality, energy, and zest for life!
Time-bound: I should achieve this in six months from now.

Business SMART Goal Examples

These examples will help you in your goal-setting process.

4. Market a Business

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to make more sales.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I will learn how to utilise Facebook Ads and invest 30% of my profits into this marketing channel.
Measurable: I will double my sales within three months.
Achievable: I have a reasonably successful small business that is ready to handle a growth in sales.
Relevant: I want to make 6-figures per year working from home.
Time-bound: I will enroll in a Facebook Ads class tomorrow and start running paid campaigns a week later. I’ll continue learning and scale-up and evaluate my results in 3 months.

5. Start a Business

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to be an entrepreneur.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I will start a dropshipping business.
Measurable: I will dedicate an hour to work on my business every day in order to land my first sale within two weeks.
Achievable: I have watched some videos on dropshipping and know that I can use Shopify to start a business quickly.
Relevant: I want to quit my job, work from home, and be my own boss.
Time-bound: I will begin on Saturday and land my first sale within two weeks.

7. Grow a Business

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to grow my business.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I will hire a virtual assistant to manage customer service inquiries for me. That way, I can make time to conduct product research and add new products to my store.
Measurable: I will hire a VA and add 5 new products to my store.
Achievable: I have some experience hiring freelancers on Upwork, and I understand how to find winning products.
Relevant: I aim to work on my business, not in my business so that I can grow my income and work less hours.
Time-bound: I will hire a VA within 2 weeks and then add 5 new products to my store within 1 month.

SMART Goal Examples for Work

Here are a couple of professional SMART goal examples for work to help you progress in a rewarding career.

7. Land a Dream Job

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to get a better job.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I’m going to become a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist for a top software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies like Shopify and work remotely.
Measurable: I will apply to a minimum of 8 jobs within two months.
Achievable: I will do all I can to learn and understand what SEO is and how to do it.
Relevant: I want to collaborate with interesting people, contribute to something innovative, and join a company where I will grow.
Time-bound: I will apply to 8 suitable jobs within two months (1 application per week).

8. Earn a Promotion

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to secure a promotion.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I’m going to earn a promotion and become a senior SEO specialist.
Measurable: I will complete the required training, submit my application, and take on more tasks to prove my competence.
Achievable: I’ve worked as an SEO specialist for 3 years, and my work has produced significant results.
Relevant: I want to keep learning and challenging myself as I progress in my career.
Time-bound: I will take on one extra project within the next two weeks, complete the required training within 6 weeks, and submit my application within 8 weeks.

Leadership SMART Goal Examples

9. Manage a Team Effectively

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to help the team communicate better.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I’m going to help the team communicate better to free up time wasted on communication inefficiencies. This way, the team can spend this time on their core responsibilities instead.
Measurable: Our time-tracking software shows that team members spend an average of 1.5 hours per day on email. We aim to cut this time in half to 45 minutes per day.
Achievable: We can avoid the confusion created by long email chains with a team messaging solution like Slack. If we implement a messaging solution, it’s plausible that we can drastically reduce the time spent on email.
Relevant: I want to empower my team to produce their best work and increase their impact by reducing time wasted on unnecessary and inefficient tasks.
Time-bound: We will implement a messaging solution within two weeks and half the time spent on communication within the next month.

10. Improve Team Results

Weak Goal Example: I’m going to help my team land more sales.

SMART Goal Example:

Specific: I’m going to help my team qualify sales leads better and focus on potential buyers.
Measurable: The goal is to increase the team’s sales by 5%.
Achievable: We’ve identified the top reason our leads don’t purchase: they don’t fully match our target market. If we can ascertain that everyone we call matches our target market, our sales will most likely increase.
Relevant: Our core goal is to grow the company’s sales by more than 20% this year.
Time-bound: We aim to increase sales by 5% within 3 months before re-evaluating our strategy.

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