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10 Top deadliest Terrorist groups in the world


Terrorism is no doubt one of the major challenges that has continued to disturb the territorial integrity of different countries of our world today. It is like a cankerworm that eats up the peace in different parts of the world. From massive killings to bombing and destruction of public and private properties, Terrorism has caused more harm to humanity than anyone could ever imagine.

One might ask, what sin have we committed to deserve all these wickedness or what sacrifice can be made to prevent it from killing every single person on earth. Because, these terrorist have made alot of cities a no peaceful cities, citizens have evacuated their homes and inherited properties just to safe their heads.

In some parts of the world, terrorists, are the one actually detecting several events and activities. Farmers have no peace of minds as before due to attacks from these terrorist. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram has seized a major territory in some states. We all must have heard about the recent act of terrorism in Afghanistan, where members the Taliban terrorist group forcefully took over the territory of Afghanista from her government and citizens.

This is undoubtedly a good typical example of what terrorism can leave out anywhere it finds itself. Nevertheless, though the Taliban terrorist group are the most significant and trending terrorist group at this moment due to their recent action on Afghanistan government, it may it interest you to know that the Taliban terrorist group is not the only deadliest terrorist group we have existing in the world.


This article contains a list of top 10 deadliest Terrorist groups in the world today.

1. Taliban

The number one Terrorist group in the list is the Taliban terrorist group, who recently took over the Afghanistan territory from her government.

Top 10 Deadliest Terrorist groups in the world
no.1 terrorist groups in the world

They appeared no.1 on this article as a result of their audacity to take over a complete government of a country, making her citizens flee to other countries for refuge.

2. Islamic State

Popularly known as ISIS, the Islamic State is a world Terrorist organization that not only terrorises Syria, but other countries of the world as well.

3. Bokoharam

Ranking the 3rd world deadliest Terrorist group, the Bokoharam terrorists group is one of the major Terrorist group that has continued to terrorise most West African countries, especially Nigeria.

The Boko Haram has seized Borno State Nigeria (Northern part). They have kidnapping thousands of students, farmers, individuals etc without returning them back.

4. Al-Shabaab

This Terrorist organization can be found in the Western part of Africa.

5. Maoists

They do operate in India and Nepal.

6. Al-Quaida

7. Donetsk People’s Republic

They can be found in Ukraine.

8. Abu Sayyaf

This Terrorist group poses as a threat to the territorial integrity of Malaysia and Philippines.

9. Fulani Extremist

Just like Bokoharam, this terriost group is also domiciled in the Western part of Africa.

10. Janjaweed

The Janjaweed Terriost group tends to terrorise people living in Sudan.


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