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100+ Interesting facts about Uebert Angel


Prophet Uebert Angel came came to the limelight in 2013 with his miracles, wonders and healing. Angel is also the founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries launched in 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom. Angel is believed to have had over 50 angelic visitations, had seen the Lord 6 times, and had been caught up into paradise once.

Angel who spent 13 years of his life in the UK, came back to Zimbabwe in March 2011. He argued that he was mandated by God to come back to Zimbabwe as a way of fulfilling God’s command. Angel announced that he had been called by God to return to Zimbabwe to preach and do the work of God.

Uebert Angel is married to Beverly Angel(Bebe Angel) and are blessed with four children. CLICK HERE to read about her

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Uebert Angel is an interesting person, fun filled, mentor, loving father and cute darling. Keep reading to find out more things about him.

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Interesting Facts About Uebert Angel

  • Angel (born on the 6th of September 1978) who by birth was named Uebert Mudzanire or Uebert Angel Mudzanire is a Zimbabwean prophet who is the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in the United Kingdom.
  • Uebert Angel changed his name from Uebert Mudzanire after having several encounters with Angels.
  • He is one of the most successful businessmen who has founded several successful businesses.
  • Uebert Angel has been a great inspiration to many, not only to ministry but on his successful life both in business and ministry.
  • He developed a mentorship program through his Millionaire Academy which is aimed at mentoring other people in running their own successful businesses.
  • Angel has an estimated net worth of over $100 Million. This comes from his successful career in business, and being an ambassador to his country, Zimbabwe. Furthermore, his ministry has been a success having many followers which also has contributed to his high net worth. He is among the richest pastors in Africa.
  • He is regarded as the 6th richest African pastor
  • He is a darling husband to Prophetess Bebe Angel
  • He is a proud father of 4 boys
  • He was appointed H.S Ambassador by Zimbabwe Presidency
  • He lives in one of the most expensive mansion in the world
  • His sons are all prophets too
  • He is an author
  • He is a song writer
  • He is one of the spiritual sons of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (loveworld president)
  • He is one of the highest partners of Christ Embassy aka loveworld inc.
  • He is tall in height
  • He has a sweet sense of dressing
  • He has raised top prophets in the world such as Seer1 aka UJ, Major 1 aka Prophet Shepherd Bushiri etc
  • He has also been rumored to have flits or girlfriends and all rumors have proven to be fake.
  • He loves God more than anything
  • His wife is the No.1 person in his life, then children and ministry
  • He left his spiritual father in Ghana, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng and submitted to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
  • He is a handsome man of God
  • Uebert Angel has a very sharp Prophetic Grace; one of the best this Earth has encountered
  • He discovered his calling at a very young age
  • His father is late
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Facts about Uebert Angel
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Facts about Uebert Angel
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