13 Types Of Students You Will Find At Night Classes

The following are the different categories of people you will meet in night classes in school.

13 Types Of Students You Will Find At Night Classes

1. Customer Care Agents

This is the category of people who always receive and make calls. Ladies are more in this group of readers.


2. The Lookers

This is the easily distracted category of people. They will make sure that they look at any slightest movement around them. If they ever see a beautiful/handsome girl/guy then they will never cease catching a glimpse at her/him.

3. The Late Comers

Again, this is common among ladies. They usually wait till 11:30 or a time when their presence will be noticed before they go to read.

4. The Preachers

This is the category of pastors. Their aim is to come and preach to as many people as they can.

5. The Itinerant Readers

They are ones who move in and out of the class every ten minutes. Sometimes you see them pacing the corridors. They can read in four to six different classes in one night!

6. The Unarmed Robbers

It usually starts with, “I can’t find my…” This group goes to class with the sole aim of “shifting” people’s properties. They look engrossed in their books until it is operation time. Most times, they disappear once they have successfully taken what they want.

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7. The Chronic Sleepers

Sometimes you’ll be reading and then you’re hearing snoring from your left and right. It is the sleepers that are at work. They want to look serious, so they go to night class like other serious students. But since they can’t keep up, they begin to sleep.

8. The Ash-crammers

They are the first-classers. They can read from dusk till dawn without feeling wary.

9. The Foodies

This set buys different snack, some even bring food, to class. Their business is to eat. I mean, a hungry man is an angry, and tired man, right?

10. The Pingers

This set of people will never let their phones be. Browsing their phone every now and then. Some even go with their laptops and extra phones.

11. The Single And Searchers

This group is of the guys and ladies who go to night class every night, hoping to get a partner before the night ends. They are always walking by the cute readers so that they can be noticed.

12. The Couples

They will come to class together, talk, and play with each other until it is time to go. Their aim is to go and show others that they are in love.

13. The Analyst

This is the category of people who are always looking for someone to debate with. Every topic is potentially arguable. They always want to make there point known and accepted.

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