31 Lineage: Founder(Victoria Innocent), History, Quotes/Post

31 Lineage is a ministry founded by Victoria Emmanuel. It’s main aim is to replicate the possibilities of proverbs 31 woman in our generation, taking Jesus to every heart, relationship and marriage. It has grown over the years on facebook, followed by over 44,000 persons. FOLLOW 31 ON FACEBOOK HERE.

‘I am pained💔I’ve heard so many things already about folks coming under the shadow of Christianity to do nonsense [not literally] Stop living a double live for Christ sake. The insincerity when it comes to relationship matters among brethren is alarming. How can you claim to be a child of God yet be going out with different ladies and wanting to cross boundaries?


The act of double dating alone is wrong, now going on to take advantage of them is extreme. If you want to do your yeyeness, kindly come out from your disguise let people see you for who you truly are. I can’t seem to understand how ladies fall victims of this mishap. There’s no way you can’t know, at-least discern. That is why we have the Holy Spirit. Knowing that ladies live a similar life is more heart wrenching.

One was going out with 3 brothers while serving in a church department. Haba! It’s the guts for me😢So people literally have no fear for God again or what? Stop exhibiting satanic traits and call yourself a child of God. Light has nothing to do with darkness. It’s okay if you need deliverance because God can deliver you completely. But just incase you think you can play smart, let me remind you that God cannot be mocked. Beauty is not a validation for double living. You’re either hot or cold, child of God or not.

Choose you this day! #31lineageVictoria Innocent’

31 lineage

Biography of 31 Lineage Founder

Victoria Emmanuel is a blessed lady full of light, wisdom, and is purpose driven towards helping ladies build themselves by discovering themselves as well as their role in the life of their man. Insidegistblog made a little research on Victoria Innocent and we’re excited to share with you some amazing things about her.

31 lineage

Brief Background

Victoria Emmanuel grew up in Zaria Kaduna with her family. Much information about her family is not yet disclosed. But Insidegistblog believes that she spent most part of her early life in Zaria before moving to Abuja.


Victoria Emmanuel is currently married to Minister Kaestrings. They got married on the 6th of November, 2021. They’re an adorable and unique couple. See wedding photos HERE

Victoria Emmanuel Husband
Kaestrings and Victoria
victoria innocent husband


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