5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2023

Most of the time, a controller suffices, but a PS4 keyboard and mouse will take you to an entirely new, unrestricted domain. You will have a distinctive gaming experience on your Sony system since your movements will be more accurate and you will be able to do things that are otherwise unachievable with a controller.

Here are the top mechanical keyboards under $100 if any of these keyboard-mouse combos seem a bit pricey to you.

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

1. TAC Hori Pro M2

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

Because it is authorized by Sony, you won’t find a keyboard and mouse for the PS4 that performs better than the TAC Pro M2.

This Hori tiny mechanical keyboard has 20 fully programmable keys and a touchpad, plus it has switches and an ergonomic wrist rest for quick and comfortable use.

The mouse, on the other hand, has a rather straightforward design but a DPI of 3200 and two buttons for instantly changing the sensitivity. If the keyboard shows latencies, you may immediately switch to a more sophisticated gaming mouse because it is compatible with any other gaming mouse.

In conclusion, because it offers a distinctive gaming experience, the Hori Tactical Assault Commander PRO (Type M2) keyboard is the finest replacement for your PS4 controller.

2. Spirit Of Gamer Xpert G900

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

A keyboard and mouse set that console gamers will like is next on the schedule. Other platforms besides the PS4 that the Spirit of Gamer Xpert G900 is compatible with include the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Due to its extreme completeness, the Xpert G900 does not require a controller. It contains four macro recording buttons and an opto-mechanical keyboard with an analog joystick in place of the WASD keys.

FPS, MMORPG, and simulation gamers will love this keyboard and mouse for the PS4.

The G900 Mouse has an optical sensor for precise gaming control and aiming, and its resolution can be adjusted up to 3200 DPI.

The combination that comes closest to gaming paradise includes a beautiful mouse pad, RGB lights, an ergonomic wrist rest, and a 100% anti-ghosting feature.

One downside is that, while being among the best keyboard and mice for the PS4, this set is missing the V and G keys for first-person shooter games.

3. BlueFinger Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

The BlueFinger keyboard and mouse combination is another example of how attractively designed PS4 keyboards and mice can be. Its electric illumination in blue, red, or purple will draw attention to your gaming environment.

Due to its strong ABS plastic construction and soft-touch finish, this gaming keyboard is still among the best for the PS4.

You can disable the numeric keypad to focus on other crucial buttons, including those for taking a screenshot, and it has 19 conflict-free keys.

The waterproof keyboard is the cherry on top, which is an especially important feature given that every game has, at some point or another, been rendered unplayable due to an unintentional spill.

The accuracy of this mouse will surprise you in terms of performance with a DPI of up to 2000. The keyboard’s keys are sensitive, pleasant to the touch, and silent in addition to being silent.

Additionally, this keyboard and mouse set is appropriate for both office use and PS4 gaming.

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4. Empire S-100 Gaming Armor

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

The Armor S-100 keyboard and mouse combination from Empire Gaming is undoubtedly the best budget option for a PS4. This package also includes a large mouse pad and a highly comfortable circumaural audio headset in addition to the gaming mouse and keyboard.

The gaming keyboard has 12 multimedia shortcuts, 19 anti-ghosting keys, and 105 semi-mechanical keys. You’ll be able to carry on playing at night thanks to the rainbow lights on the keyboard.

It lacks customization, which is a drawback when compared to other premium keyboards and mice on this list, but for the price, it is a top-notch alternative to a PS4 gamepad.

The mouse has a comfortable grip and six RGB settings. The Armor S-100 is a very accurate optical sensor with a 6400 DPI adjustability.

If you’re looking for an attractive, reasonably priced combo, this Empire Gaming creation is a great choice.

5. Orzly RX250 Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

5 Best keyboard and mouse for PS4 2022

For PS4 users on a tight budget, Orzly offers a complete and enticing combo package with their keyboard and mouse. The backlighting of the mouse is also programmable, and the keyboard’s illumination includes three different color options.

The membrane-based keyboard is silent and has 19 anti-ghosting keys. A headset and a mouse pad are included in this affordable package. The headset is of decent quality for the price, but the Orzly RX250 keyboard and mouse are more affordable because the microphone on it needs an adaptor to work on a PS4.

The mouse is designed with a curved shape for a comfortable grip and comes with an optical sensor with a 3200 DPI adjustment. Even after the console is turned off, it still remains on.

In conclusion, the Orzly RX250 keyboard and mouse combination for PS4 has an exceptional quality-to-price ratio. It will be perfect for new players or those who wish to save money on equipment without sacrificing quality.

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