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5 types of noises women make during sex

Knowing how to satisfy a woman is not an easy task. Locating the G-spot is sometimes as difficult as getting an answer from your woman when you ask her where she wants to go for launch/dinner. When it comes to getting down and dirty, understanding her moaning can be an almost impossible task.

Is she faking it? Is she enjoying it? Is she bored and hoping you’re almost finished?


Women’s bedroom noises range from soft moans, popular with women from western Uganda, to screams which women in central Uganda use to make their men feel like they are bosses in the bedroom.

These moans may be faked, which is not a good thing, but when they are genuine, they reflect the feelings a woman is going through as well the kind of love making she wants.

Listed below are several types of moans that women make when making love with their partner:

The Soft Moan

The sound “hmmmmmm” means she’s just getting started. So, when as a man you hear this soft noise, you has to keep up the good work. If these soft ones increase in intensity, the man has to “pump” harder. But ensure to take it slow and steady while starting.

The Satisfied Moan

This one sounds like an ahhhhhhh…, it can be short and long as well. The long and loud ahhhhhhhs are the ones which shows that the partner has hit the spot properly. At this point, she’s begining to get more wetty and horny than before. You should not ‘seize fire’ at this moment.

The Scream

When a woman screams, it comes from deep within as her whole being is alive with passion. The woman may scream “yaaaaaah! or yeeeeeeeeh!” or simply cheer you on to pumping her harder. On most occasions, she may scream your name or even shout Jesuuuuuuus!.

If she screams her ex’s name, you still go harder because this means she may still love her ex and you are giving her great memories of him.

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The Silent Deep Breaths

This moan means she’s deeply satisfied with your pelvic thrusts and so you just keep going hard until she gets louder and then the neighbour shows up at your door with a complaint and an ironic grin.

The Smile and Laughter

This is not moaning per say, it is a sign that you have struck the right chord, resulting to the sweet laughter she is letting which sounds like the soundtrack to a hit movie starring you, and co-starring your member hardened between your legs. Keep doing whatever you are doing, again and again.

Sadly, not all laughter is good, especially when she starrs at your pen!s and laughs sarcastically while pointing at it.

Women have more sex arousal than men and that’s because their sex boost is 8 times more than men. In traditional Indian Kamasutra, Batsayan has explained on this topic. Even a little sex arousal can’t be controlled by them.

That’s why you hear them making more sound than men during sex. The aah …. oooh… sounds are very common. They make this sound because they can’t tolerate the extreme pleasure and satisfaction they’re enjoying.

Why do women moan during s3x, anyway?

It’s clear and simple: You’re turned on. “Women moan during sex to communicate to their partners they’re enjoying what is happening” in the words of Nicole Buratti, sex and relationship coach. See it as a nudge in the proper direction, a pleasure-filled response that a partner is doing all of the right things.

Also, It’s often an involuntary response to all that physical exertion. People don’t compare tennis grunts to sex moans for no reason, after all.

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