6 Health Benefits Of Garri

Garri, also known as cassava flakes, is made from cassava. It contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C and also starch. Cassava leaves contain calcium, iron, fats and protein.

6 Health Benefits Of Garri

Garri is good for the following:


1. Packed Full Of Folate

Pregnant women need lots of vitamin C and folate. A cup of garri contains 15 percent of your daily folate requirement and 47 percent of the daily calcium requirement. The two vitamins also help the body’s immune system.


6 Health Benefits Of Garri

2. Your Digestive System

Garri helps in the absorption of toxins that go into the intestines, which improves your digestive health.

3. Watching Weight

Although garri is very starchy, it is low in calories. Also, the high amount of fibre contained in cassava keeps you feeling full and prevents binge eating. It’s a great meal to have if you’re trying to watch your weight.

6 Health Benefits Of Garri
  • 4. Diarrhoea

Garri also combats conditions such as diarrhoea. You can simply eat the garri as it is and that will work the magic.

5. Eyesight

Garri is rich in Vitamin A and bakarotennya, which promote good vision and prevent tendencies of blindness.

6. Prevents Cancer

One of the health benefits of garri is that it helps in preventing cancer. The B17 content in cassava leaves helps in stimulating the content of red blood cells, the loss of which often leads to cancer.

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