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7 Possible Reasons Why You Feel Sudden Weakness/Shakiness


You shouldn’t joke with any signal from your body. There might be something wrong if you usually feel a sudden wave of weakness and shakiness from inside the body.

You may feel it’s normal to feel weak sometimes, but there are other reasons, aside lack of food, that could cause this.

1. Body is just generally weak

There are times when you simply feel weak, without any medical condition attached to it. However, if the feeling persists, seek medical attention.

2. Hypertension/Low blood pressure

Neither of these should be neglected. Visit your doctor if you have symptoms of either of them before it escalates.



3. Dehydration

The body tends to feel weak and shaky when there isn’t enough water to allow the system work properly. Ensure that you are always hydrated.

4. Sleep deprivation

Feeling weak? Try to get some sleep and rest your body. It must be tired. When you don’t sleep enough, basic body functions won’t be at optimum performance. Get enough sleep.

5. Stroke

A sign of an incoming stroke is numbness, convulsion and weakness. Stroke happens when oxygen and blood flow is cut off from the brain. Again seek medical attention if you feel this way.

6. Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes can set off in form of dizziness and weakness. It causes you to feel hungry, tired and urinate much more than normal.

7. Congestive heart failure

This is another sickness that can make your body feel weak and dizzy suddenly. You should seek medical attention if you experience fatigue, shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.


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