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7 Weird Things Men Find Attractive About Women


There are many things men find attractive about women: beauty, figure, hair, many things. However, on the contrary, we will be discussing seven weird things men find attractive in women.
Some of these things are “special” personal preferences, and some are a bit common among men.

7 Weird Things Men Find Attractive About Women
Weird things men find attractive about women
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Here are the seven weird but attractive things men love.

1. Natural Look

Then there’s a group of men who love women who are confident in natural look. This is weird because in this era, there are more women who wear makeup all day. And then some men prefer a natural look? Weird.

2. Applying Makeup

This is in contrast to the point above. Although people complain about excess makeup, some men enjoy watching their ladies apply makeup. This is weird, but to them, it is attractive.
Foundation for a relationship on fleek, maybe? LOL.


3. Clumsiness

While it is cool to be well-behaved, comported, and calm, quite a number of guys have also shown interest in women with clumsy, goofy sides – those who are not always serious or uptight and can make those crazy faces for selfies.

4. Stretch marks

Weird but true, some men love those lines. They find them really attractive. Matter of fact, there are men who prefer to be with a woman who has stretch marks.

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5. Wearing glasses

This is common and understandable—wearing glasses usually makes women look good. Some men like to have their woman wear a pair of cute glasses.

6. Weakness

Men love women who need them. They love women who make them feel masculine by requesting for help with things like lifting heavy stuff, and other things.

  • 7. Stubbornness

This is so weird! But it’s true. Some men find stubborn women attractive. I mean who doesn’t like woman who can stand up for herself and her loved ones?


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