Home Business Abeg App Review: What is abeg app and how does it works?

Abeg App Review: What is abeg app and how does it works?


The Abeg App is one of the trending mobile cash app. It was created to help people perform financial transactions of sending and receiving money fast, safe, simple and fun. The app has also provided a very low money transaction rate as compared to the traditional banking rates. Hence, making it a go to medium for financial transactions this days.

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abeg app and how does it work
How does abeg app work

FAQ About Abeg App

How Does Abeg App Work?

With the vision to be the best Peer-to-peer (p2p) financial service in Africa by creating a large community of people sending and receiving money instantly, they are already making good of it with all indications – the latest being the Nigerian music mogul Don Jazzy endorsing them.

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Abeg App is a very straightforward app to use as all you need to send or receive money is an AbegTag.The AbegTag works like a username (used instead of account number) that you can use to either send or receive some money.

How to create an account with Abeg App?

To create an account, the first thing to do is download the app from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the instructions given. You’ll be taken to a section requesting you to fill some necessary information about you, add your social media handles and your website.

Things I Can Do With Abeg App

1. With Abeg App, you can follow other people and be followed. 2. You can get verified on Abeg App by doing a minimum giveaway of N250,000 to others using the app. 3. You can purchase item on the app.

Who is the owner of abeg app?

The owner of abeg app are Dare Adekoya, Muheez Akanni, and Michael Okoh. They co-founded it in 2019.

Is Abeg App Safe and Secure?

From several reviews, the app has been found to be a safe and secure app with easy of use and incorporates all the necessary safety protocols for a fintech mobile application.

How to open account with Abeg App?

Note: The minimum amount you can give out is 1Naira while the Maximum is N1 million. You can also request money from people in your abeg app contact.

You can download the abeg app here.

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