Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

Ademola Adeleke Biography

Former senator Ademola Adeleke is one person who has helped to reduce the tension that people feel is present in the political realm. The nickname “dancing senator” was given to Senator Ademola Adeleke because of his penchant for dancing in public, especially after victories or just for fun.

Up until June 2019, he served as a senator for the Osun-west senatorial constituency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

Profile Summary

Name Ademola Adeleke
Date of birth 13 May 1960
State of origin Osun State
Nationality Nigerian
Marital status Married
Children Shina Rambo, B-Red and Adenike Adeleke
Source of wealth Wealth Politician and Businessman
PostionOsun State Governor-elect
Net Worth $560 Million

Davido, a well-known musician from Nigeria, has an uncle named Ademola Adeleke. His parents were Nnena Esther Adeleke, an ardent Igbo Christian, and Late Chief Raji Ayoola Adeleke, a Muslim.


It seems as though politics is in the Adelekes’ blood since his late father, Raji Ayoola Adeleke, was a politician, a senator in the second republic, and the founder of the now-defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). In addition, when he was alive, Ademola Adeleke’s father served as the Balogun of Ede land in Osun State.

Adeleke Ademola

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

After the death of his brother Isiaka Adeleke, the senator representing the Osun-West seat, in April 2017, Ademola Adeleke became more well-known in politics. Ademola Adeleke made the decision to run for senator, which he won, not long after Isiaka Adeleke passed away.

Education of Ademola Adeleke

Prior to moving to Old Oyo State and enrolling in Nawarudeen Primary School, Ikire, Ademola Adeleke attended Methodist Primary School in Surulere, Lagos. He attended Ede’s Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School for his secondary schooling before transferring to Ede Muslim Grammar School to finish his secondary education.

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

In Nigeria, Ademola Adeleke didn’t finish his studies. He went to the United States of America for his post-secondary study together with two of his older brothers. He studied Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, in the United States.

Ademola Adeleke is said to have returned to Atlanta Metropolitan State College after allegations of fabricated academic credentials, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2021.

Career of Ademola Adeleke

Before entering politics, Ademola Adeleke had a successful career in business. He served as a service contractor for the Quicksilver Courier Company in Atlanta, Georgia, from 1985 and 1989. From 1990 until 1994, he served as vice president of Origin International LLC, an Atlanta, Georgia, US-based manufacturer of flavors and fragrances.

After some time, Ademola Adeleke joined Pacific Holdings Limited, his brother’s business, where he served as the organization’s Executive Director from 2001 to 2016.

Political Career Of Ademola Adeleke

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

In 2001, Ademola Adeleke started her political career. Prior to the passing of his brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, in April 2017, he had little political recognition. Before defecting to the People’s Democratic party in April 2017 to fight for the Senate seat that his brother left up, he was a member of the All Progressive Party (APC).

Ademola Adeleke, as luck would have it, won the election and held the office of senator for the Osun-West constituency until June 2019.

Ademola was announced as the PDP’s candidate for governor of Osun State on July 23, 2018. Davido also congratulated his uncle for being chosen as a governorship candidate after winning the primary on his Instagram page.

The Independent Electoral Commission declared the outcome of the governorship election, which was held on September 22, 2018, inconclusive. Candidates included Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola of the APC and Iyiola Omisore of the SDP (INEC). In a second round of voting that took place on September 27, 2018, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola of the APC was declared the victor.

Ademola Adeleke vigorously opposed the outcome, calling it a “coup” and fraudulent. Sadly, the Supreme Court reviewed the poll in July 2019 and pronounced Gboyega Oyetola of the APC to be the rightful winner of the governorship race.

Family of Ademola Adeleke

Ademola Adeleke has three kids and is married. His two kids, Shina Rambo and B-Red, are well-known artists in Nigeria. His daughter is named Adenike Adeleke.

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

Net worth of Senator Ademola Adeleke

Nigerians are well aware of how well-paid politicians are. Ademola Adeleke is a businessman, yet his political income is also significant. One of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most powerful politicians, his projected net worth in 2021 is $560 million.

Cars of Senator Ademola Adeleke

Ademola Adeleke is a wealthy and powerful man, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t have access to luxury vehicles to satisfy his transportation demands. Ademola Adeleke bluntly stated that he already owns mansions, cars, and everything, therefore there is no need for him to steal from the state coffers before running for governor of Osun state. Ademola Adeleke would unquestionably be able to afford to acquire these vehicles with this:

Range Rover Sport
Adeleke Ademola Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is an expression of influence and elegance. Anyone with millions of dollars would not hesitate to purchase a Range Rover Sport. The initial price of this vehicle is 70 million NGN. The Range Rover’s potent 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged Petrol engine delivers exceptional performance and driver involvement.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
Ademola Adeleke Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

The Mercedes Benz G-striking Wagon’s body design is sure to catch people’s attention. The G-Wagon is a stylish vehicle constructed from premium components. With the intention of providing the passenger with a comfortable and enjoyable ride, the roomy inside is outfitted with dependable 21st-century technology features. Costs for the G-Wagon range from 75 to 90 million NGN.

GLB 250 Mercedes-Benz

As a graduation gift, Senator Ademola Adeleke buys his daughter a Benz.

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

Ademola Adeleke spent millions of naira to buy his daughter Adenike Adeleke a brand-new Mercedes Benz GLB 250 when she received her degree from Oakland University in Alabama, US, in honor of her graduation.

A central controller positioned on the console, an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and voice control with hands-free Bluetooth interface/audio streaming are among the innovations found within the GLB 250. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 208 horsepower and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission power it.

Ademola Adeleke Net worth, Cars, Houses And Latest Biography

Houses of Ademola Adeleke

The actual number of homes owned by Ademola Adeleke is unknown as of the time of this writing. Ademola Adeleke, a wealthy former senator and governor, is likely to own homes in Lagos, Ede, Osun state, as well as the United States.

Ademola Adeleke is a successful businessman who also performs charitable deeds. He frequently lends a hand to those in need and those with less.

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