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Akrobeto Net Worth, Biography, Laughing, Wife


Biography of Akrobeto, Net Worth, laughing, wife, son, acting and more

Akwasi Boadi (born 18 November 1962), known popularly as Akrobeto, is a Ghanaian actor, comedian and TV presenter. Due to his unique acting and comedy ability, it has paved ways for him in his career, making him been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and is known by the size of his nose. Akwesi Boadi is known in the showbiz industry as Akrobeto meaning ‘who ‘nose’ tomorrow.

When was Akrobeto born?

Akrobeto was born on 18 November 1962 at Ayirebi in the Ofoase Ayirebi constituency in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Akrobeto background

He is a native of Ayirebi, a suburb of Akim Oda in the Eastern Region. The Actor who begun his acting career way back 90’s has been starring in countless movies in Ghana. Akrobeto rise to fame was as a result of the foundation given him by the Kristo Asafo drama group which used to perform regularly at the National Theater of Ghana on the platform of concert party. He is definitely one of the top actors in the indigenous movies screens.

Akrobeto Education

He started his elementary education at Akyem Ayerebi L/A primary and middle school and finished in the year 1979. Despite challenges of passing his middle school education examination, his unstoppable love and flair for comedy and acting made him famous and loved by a lot People from his community.

Akrobeto Education

He is the youngest among 11 children born by his parent of whom 10 are deceased. He couldn’t further his education.

Who is Akrobeto wife?

Commedian Akrobeto is married to his lover, Georgina Johnson and they are blessed with 3 lovely children.

Akrobeto Net Worth


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Akrobeto laughing

When he laughs, it’s contagious. Watch him laughing uncontrollably in this video.


In March 2021, he won the award of the overall Entertainment Personality of the Year at the Entertainment Achievement Awards.

Akrobeto Net Worth

Akwasi Boadi (born 18 November 1962), known popularly as Akrobeto, is a Ghanaian actor, comedian and TV presenter. Akrobeto’s Net Worth is estimated to be $180,000.

Akrobeto Net Worth

The actor on the Delay Show stated that he has been able to acquire houses and automobiles with his acting in Kumawood and has no regrets abandoning his search for greener pastures in Europe.

He features in about four movies every month making him one of the busiest and sort after actors in Kumawood. Akrobeto has purchase cars and built two houses. One in the Ashanti Region and another in Greater Accra Region. All of which are made up of eight bedrooms.

He is the host of the real news on UTV

His view of Kumasi movie industry

Akrobeto is proud of the Kumasi movie industry and has seize not to praise them on several occasion, declaring that the Kumasi movie industry pays off despite how most people ascertain their movies.

Akrobeto Biography and Net Worth

Why people love Akrobeto so much

There alot of reasons why people love him. Fans reacted to a Facebook post by Yen.com.gh as to why they love him.

1. Because he's the only one who 'nose' tomorrow
2. He's versatile and very passionate about his work
3. He’s genuine and natural admitting what he doesn’t have &  know and ever ready to learn 
4. He respects everyone
5. Truly his a nation asset. And I really love watching him. Keep up father 
6. Not only he is funny but also Humble
7. His creativity and talent is timeless
8. He's consistent and gives his all regardless of the pay.
9. His ability to imitate ones action in a funny way
10. I love you so much that is why u are my favorite artist


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