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Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]


What mechanical keyboard is the finest around $100? Every programmer, writer, or fan of esports wants a pair of mechanical keyboards with a superb feel. The goal of this essay is to list the top mechanical keyboards under $100 because the cost is frequently a significant deterrent.

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

The best PS4 keyboards and mouse will be expensive for the average gamer, but those on a tight budget can choose wisely from our extremely thorough list.

In addition to providing a thorough explanation of mechanical keyboards, this page also explains why heavy users should prefer them.

1. Cherry MX 3.0S

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

Price: $99.99


Cherry, a well-known manufacturer of conventional mechanical keyboards, has produced a number of vintage keyboards, but the MX 3.0S is the greatest mechanical keyboard under $100 and the brand’s first wireless model.

This Cherry Advanced Wireless Technology-equipped three-mode mechanical gaming keyboard claims great energy efficiency and low latency. The Cherry MX 3.0S keyboard has a 109-key layout and measures approximately 430mm x 140mm x 36mm. It retains the distinctive bottom shell design.

The side wings and bottom shell of the keyboard are made of different materials, with the side wings being made of decorative plastic plates. The top cable outlet, which is also made of plastic, reduces the quantity of metal bases that interfere with wireless signals.

The Cherry MX 3.0S maintains the crucial line separation architecture for its wires while providing wired and wireless Bluetooth three-mode communications. A power button and USB Type-C port are now located in the middle of the keyboard’s top.
The greatest mechanical keyboard under $100 is the Cherry MX 3.0s.

Additionally, there is a sizable flat area surrounding the interface so that any USB-C cable may be used to send signals to the keyboard in the event that the original connection is compromised without fear of the cable connector coming undone, and compatibility is excellent. Another factor making the Cherry MX 3.0S the finest mechanical keyboard under $100 is its functionality.

The keyboard uses a set of ABS keycaps that are the same height as the originals, and the front surfaces of the keycaps have been matte-coated to give them a pleasant feel. Its interior is ribbed for reinforcement, and the bottom nozzle is very clean.

White keycaps must be regularly cleaned because they are more likely to become discolored with oil over time.

The Cherry MX switch and RGB illumination are features of the Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless three-mode mechanical gaming keyboard. Since the switch body is directly coupled to the PCB and the design is continued without a steel plate, the feel feedback is less strong than with a steel plate. The keys appear softer without the steel plates, simulating the feeling of the red switch.

2. Corsair K68

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

Price: $89.99

One of the greatest mechanical keyboards under $100 is the Corsair K68, which has Cherry MX Red keys and red LED illumination. The Cue Corsair application, which enables the customization of lighting effects and color, can be used to customize the lighting of the keyboard.

Users of the Cue Corsair application can also create macros to improve their gaming comfort. The Corsair K68 is the second-best mechanical keyboard under $100 thanks to this command for quick movements’ success.

Corsair’s keyboard, like many others on the market, features a Windows key lock button to stop users from accidently opening the “Start” menu while playing a game.
One of the top mechanical keyboards under $100 is the Corsair K68.

However, the IP32 standard compliance is what gives it its true value. The Corsair K68 keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 as a result of its resistance to dampness, grime, and even food crumbs. Because of this, the mechanical keyboard has keys with silicone rubber covers that shield the attachment’s whole internal construction.

The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard is an affordable option for seasoned gamers and a mid-range device that is nearly equivalent to keyboards of higher quality.

Even if you don’t play video games but enjoy flashy items, this is the best accessory for the money for only $89.99 on the official website.

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3. Logitech Pop Keys

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

Price: $99.99

The perfect wireless keyboard for Generation Z was developed by Logitech with the Pop Keys, which includes detachable emoji keys and other features suited for a generation that prefers TikTok to typing.

A notable feature of the wireless mechanical keyboard from Logitech, called Pop Buttons, is the introduction of specialized emoji keys, based on the quirky design of Lofree’s keyboard, for the first time ever on a mechanical keyboard. Pop Keys is one of the greatest mechanical keyboards under $100 now on the market and is intended for the younger demographic.

In its stead, a row of detachable, configurable emoji keys that trigger an emoji when touched replaces the Numpad, which Gen Z users don’t often use unless they’re serious gamers.

The Logitech Pop Keys pairs seamlessly with phones, tablets, and even laptops and facilitates switching between three devices with the press of three hotkeys. The “Blast Yellow” model is the most appealing of the three audaciously vibrant color combinations that are offered.
Logitech Pro Keys are one of the best mechanical keyboards under $100

The mechanical keyboard is powered by two AA batteries and has a remarkable three-year battery life. On the interior are mechanical TTC Brown scissor-switch keys, meant to offer touchscreen-obsessed Gen-Z a taste of tactile action, with a dash of 50 million strokes, the highest of any Logitech keyboard.

It is admirable that Logitech has committed to creating long-lasting products for a generation raised in a use-and-throw and same-day shipping society. Fair enough, current gadgets are not easily repaired, so having a sturdy keyboard is a delight.

Outside of its absolute flash of color, the Pop Keys’ highlight is its five quick-access emoji keys on the right side. These keys are a game-changer for a mechanical keyboard under $100.

The keys are interchangeable with other emoji keys that come with the package and are detachable. The most popular emojis are available on the keyboard’s 8 swappable emoji keys, and there is also a menu key for the less popular emojis.

Numerous operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, are compatible with the keyboard. Although Logi Bolt USB connector/receiver is also present, Bluetooth connectivity is supported.

4. Coolermaster SK650

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

Price: $62.00

An outdoor-friendly gaming keyboard that prioritizes elegance and portability is the CoolerMaster SK650. The design is made from polished aluminum, which looks fantastic.

Similar to the SK630, the CoolerMaster SK650 keyboard also contains a digital area. The result is a larger capacity of 12.5 cm, brushed gun-grey aluminum for the front panel, and a wedge-shaped body without a support foot.

One of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 is the CoolerMaster SK650, which features Low Profile Cherry MX RGB Red switches and offers the ideal gaming experience in a compact design.

The SK650 keyboard’s Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Red switches, which have a 45g actuation force and 1.2 mm activation stroke on each key, improve your gaming performance. This configuration and its slim form provide a convenient and effective gaming choice.

This keyboard’s keys all provide unique, colorful lights for a pleasing appearance. Additionally, the sides and bottom of the keyboard feature an RGB light bar that enables you to display your personality in any setting.

Using specialized software, you may organize game profiles, adjust effects, create macros, and assign a color to your selected key.
The fourth-best mechanical keyboard under $100 is the CoolerMaster SK650.

The CoolerMaster SK650 keyboard sports a brushed aluminum design and an N-Key Rollover + 6-KRO hybrid mechanism for speedy key detection.

One of the greatest mechanical keyboards under $100, it boasts a 32-bit ARM Cortex CPU for speedy command and macro processing and on-the-fly instructions for quick modifications from the keyboard. Additionally, because of the built-in memory, you may keep all of your settings.

The keyboard’s MX Low Profile is its most noticeable characteristic. The low switch is smaller than the standard MX mechanical switch, measuring 18.5mm instead of 11. 9 mm.

In addition to the RGB lights on the switch, the realistic feel still has a wonderful mechanical feel. The sides of the fuselage have extra light stripes.

Additionally, the SK650 supports shuttle control and is connected through a detachable USB-C port, so no driver is required and functions may be set up right on the keyboard.

Because the keyboard has storage, replacing it does not need restarting the computer, which is a feature that is more common on high-end keyboards than mechanical keyboards under $100.

Given how expensive the Low Profile switch is right now, this full-size keyboard with a low profile from Cooler Master is a steal at approximately $62.

For notebook users who frequently travel and desktop users who like a simple desktop style, this inexpensive mechanical keyboard is perfect.

5. Dareu A87

Best mechanical keyboards under $100 [2022]

Price: $83.99

On April 30, 2021, Dareu released the A87 fully pluggable custom-switch mechanical keyboard. It employs a novel plug-in axis design and color scheme and is the first to have a Dareu switch (purple axis and sky axis are optional). The gaming performance of the Dareu A-series peripherals is carried over.

Due to its specially developed Dareu mechanical switches, which include a violet gold switch with a two-stage paragraph feel and a blue sky switch with a linear feel, the Dareu A87 is the sixth best mechanical keyboard under $100.

An imported high-strength alloy spring with increased pressing smoothness and fewer trigger force errors is used in the unique switch body of the Dareu. The constancy of the tactile feeling can be maintained by this function.

Additionally, the switch body shrapnel gains gold-plated contacts, which may reduce metal vulcanization, prevent a decline in the switch body’s service life due to environmental changes, and adapt to different circumstances.

The mechanical keyboard for the Dareu A87’s fully pluggable custom switches has a removable magnetic top cover and full key support for hot-plugging, making it compatible with around 98% of the mechanical switches on the market.

One of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 features a full-key hot-swap arrangement that turns your keyboard into a tester. The mechanical keyboard may be customized to your unique use patterns and each key can be adjusted to suit your tactile preferences.

In conclusion, the Dareu A87 is one of the best wired custom-switch mechanical keyboards for the money because it uses a Type-C interface connection cable and is fully pluggable.

It provides two options: sky blue and purple-gold color schemes for the appearance. You may exhibit your uniqueness from the inside out thanks to the key switch and look color-matching design.

The Dareu A87 mechanical keyboard uses a 3.5mm thick silicone pad with a 1.5mm thick iron, stable and long-lasting PBT material keycaps, and Dareu custom-made switches. It also features a reinforced metal panel and a high-toughness noise-absorbing silicone layer.

When the switch switch is tapped during operation, the panel’s tight-fitting closed-loop efficiently reduces noise made by the keyboard’s vibration, making the keyboard appear more pure, pleasant, and not harsh.

What is A mechanical keyboard ?

The mechanical keyboard is a specialized keyboard with unique switches for each key. Unlike membrane and pantograph keyboards, which have a single sheet switch, this one has a different construction.

A mechanical keyboard’s keycap often houses a spring and a switch, allowing you to type with a solid sensation. It is hence a favorite among programmers and gamers.

Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane and pantograph keyboards because of their intricate manufacture. There are also several axes, such as the blue and red axes, and each produces a different typing sound and sensation.

While some mechanical keyboards have their own key switches, many employ “Cherry MX switches” made by German manufacturers.

Why choose for a mechanical keyboard?

Since each key on a mechanical keyboard has its switch, it is fortunate that even if one is broken, you may continue to use the keyboard by mending just that key.
The diversity of switches, such as the blue and red axes, is also appealing. Since each switch has unique properties, you may choose one based on your preferences and circumstances.
Additionally, mechanical keyboards are straightforward to maintain as the keycap may be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

The best mechanical keyboards under $100 are as follows:

Cherry MX 3.0S - $99.99
Corsair K68 - $89.99
Logitech Pop Keys - $99.99
Coolermaster SK650 - $62.00
Dareu A87 - $83.99


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