Best Private Universities In Ogun State

Private Universities in Ogun State

Ogun State’s Top Private Universities There have been a number of private universities since the adoption of the 1993 law permitting private institutions to provide academic degrees in Nigeria. Some of them are genuinely succeeding very well.

Best Private Universities In Ogun State

Since the beginning of the first and second generations of universities, these institutions have genuinely funded the public institutions. Over 99 private universities in Nigeria are accredited. The majority of them—about 16 universities—are in the state of Ogun.

In Nigeria, these universities are highly regarded.


Private Universities In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the number of private universities is rising. 20 new universities had received accreditation to provide courses in Nigeria as of 2021. The number of privately owned universities has expanded as a result.

In contrast to state universities, these private institutions offer conventional instruction. Universities like Covenant University, Landmark University, and American University of Nigeria consistently rank among the top in Africa and Nigeria, respectively.

These private colleges provide 4- to 6-year programs, much like all other institutions. This is in accordance with a student-run initiative.

The normal admissions criteria for private institutions are the same as those for public universities.

For general admission, student must have passed SSCE with at least 6 credit pass mark in SSCE including Math and English.

Pass JAMB with 207 and above,

Pass post utme with the necessary cut off mark for the school.

You then present your documents and start your program. It really is that easy, however admittance in Nigeria is really tough. However, once the procedure is followed, it is simple, particularly for those seeking admission to a private university.

About Ogun State

The Yoruba ethnic group predominates in Ogun State, which is located in the southwest of Nigeria. Abeokuta, a big city, is its capital.

Ondo, Lagos, Oyo, Badagry, and Lagos all abut Ogun state. As a result of the abundance of manufacturing companies in its surroundings, it is a highly industrial state. In 1976, the state was established.

Ogun State is a bastion of learning because it has nine registered institutions, making it one of the states with the most universities in the nation. Babcock University, founded in 1999, was one of the first private universities in Nigeria.

The most noteworthy side attraction in the state is The Olumo rock, which is located in the city of Abeokuta. It ranks among the most visited tourist centre in the state.

Best Private Universities In Ogun State

Education in Nigeria

The federal Ministry of Education is in charge of the Nigerian educational system. The government offers free primary and secondary education in what are known as public schools.

The Kindergarten, Primary level, Secondary level, and Tertiary Education levels make up the educational system.

With the implementation of the 6-3-3-4 system, pupils are now expected to start school at age 5 and graduate at age 17. Additionally, a student attends primary school for six years, junior secondary school for three years, senior secondary school for three years, and tertiary education for four years.

Private Universities In Nigeria

Private Universities in Ogun State

There are several private institutes in Nigeria, also in the state of Ogun. Ogun, normally is a citadel of learning, if you are planning to take program in a Private university, and want to be class to urban life. You can consider Ogun State, because Ogun state shares border with Lagos, one can easily plight both states.

Here is a list of Private universities in Ogun State;

Babcock University, Ilishan Remo
Bells University of Technology, otta
Chrisland University
Covenant University It’s
Crawford University, Igbesa
Crescent University
Hallmark University, Ijebi Itele, Ogun
McPherson University, Seriki Sotayo Ajebo
Christopher University, Mowe
Mountain Top University
South Western University, Oku, Owa
Trinity University, Ogun State

Many of the universities are quite affordable and provide a standard program and teaching.

Babcock University

As one of the first private universities in Nigeria, Babcock University is a private university. It started its operations in 1959. Previously known as Adventist College of West Africa, it is a religious institution.

Best Private Universities In Ogun State

Babcock is still one of Nigeria’s top institutions. When it first attempted to become affiliated with the University of Ibadan in 1999, it went under the name Babcock University. The university received a federal license, and it went on to become one of Nigeria’s first private universities.

The institution offers a diverse number of programs, under which they are placed in different Schools. School of Education and Humanities, School of Law and Security Studies, School of Nursing Sciences, School of Management Sciences, School of Computing and Engineering, School of Public and Allied Health, School of Science and Technology and others.

Babcock University requires 5 credits at GCE/NECO/SSCE, not more than two sittings. Also, candidate must be at least 15 years old at the time of admission.

The university is secured, beautiful, and is a great place to study.

Covenant University

Covenant University is owned by the Covenant Church. The organization is a Nigerian university that is expanding quickly. The college was recently ranked first among private universities and second overall in Nigeria.

The institution, which is based in Ota Ogun, was founded in 2002. The institute runs a number of different programs. It primarily contains four schools: the College of Business and Social Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Science and Technology, and the College of Leadership and Development Studies.

The requirements for admission into the school, requires student to posses 5 credit in either GCE/NECO/WAEC in more than two sittings.

Bells University of Technology

Additionally found in Ota, Ogun State. The college was Nigeria’s first technical school. Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, is the owner of the instruction. In 2004, this institution was founded.

The university has a varieties of programs it run. Currently has five colleges which includes; College of Engineering, College of Food Sciences, college of Management Sciences, College of Information and Communication Technology and College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered by the institute. Like all other institutions, the school’s general prerequisites at the undergraduate level include 5 credits from the GCE, NECO, or SSCE taken in no more than two sittings. This must contain both English and mathematics.

Bells University of Technology is a fantastic school to choose if you’re thinking about pursuing a technical degree in a private institution in Nigeria. It’s also close to the city. This is a fantastic blend of fun and scholastic life.

Chrisland University

Nigeria’s Chrisland University is a young institution that is expanding quickly. The institution opened its doors in 2015. Abeokuta is the location.

Chrisland is a rapidly expanding college that offers undergraduate and graduate programs to students. Comparatively speaking, the tuition is relatively reasonable at the school.

Chrisland offers a number of programs. Currently, the institution has three colleges and a faculty which includes; Faculty of Law, College of Arts Management and Social Science, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Basic Sciences. The institute is fast gaining recognition in Nigeria.

The admission requirements are the same as every other school. Students require 5 credits in NECO/SSCE/GCE in not more than two sittings, which must include Mathematics and English.

Numerous additional private institutions are rapidly expanding and rising to the level set in Nigeria by other pioneering universities. These open the door for the many pupils to choose from because a lot of students apply for admission each year but very few are accepted.


The 1999 act that made it possible for individuals or organizations to operate a university has led to an increase in the number of private universities around the nation.

The first three universities in Nigeria were Babcock University, Madonna University, and Igbinedion University. These institutions are well-known and have aided in the growth of the nation.

In Nigeria, many private universities are quite affordable. Students who typically live in cities can therefore think about applying to these private universities in Ogun state.

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