Big Bambina model: Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth, Before and After

Big Bambina model is allegedly in a romantic relationship with Dillion Brooks, she has gained popularity on social media after the news broke out. Continue reading as we’ll be sharing details about her boyfriend, Net worth, Big Bambina before and after pictures, and more.

Who is Big Bambina model?

Big Bambina model is Dillion Brooks’ new girlfriend – a trans model. Dillon Brooks is a popular Canadian basketball player. He is now in hot water as a result of accusations from his former new girlfriend. He has been active this season despite suffering an ankle injury.


According to Dillon’s ex-girlfriend Heather, he is currently in a relationship with Big Bambina, who accused him of having an affair with the transgender model while they were together. The tennis player recently took to her social media to announce that she was “in love” after breaking up with them last year.

Big Bambina model


Big Bambina is a popular trans model born in Canada. She belongs to the Christianity religion. She has a huge follower on Instagram. Just recently, Dillion Brooks found a new girlfriend, model Big Bambina, and the news had gone far on the internet.

Big Bambina on Instagram

She is a trans model with millions of followers on her Instagram page. The exact number of her followers is unknown, but it was gathered that she had over 1.2 million followers.

She has been featured in magazines like Bold magazine and GQ India, where she talks about her experiences as a model and transgender. She does not want to tell anyone about her personal life. But there are few pictures of her on the Internet, including pictures with Dillion’s pet dog.

Big Bambina model


Big Bambina Before and After

More people took interest to know about Big Bambina after her relationship with Dillon became public. She has not revealed her real name to the public, and but she’s known by his stage name, Big Bambina.

Personal Life

We believe that Big Bambi kept her personal life private to avoid unwanted attention and controversy that could have put his career at risk. She is also known for her relationship with professional basketball star Dillian Brook.

Her date of birth has been kept under wraps too as she did not share any details about her personal life. But, based on his appearance, it is estimated that she is between 28 and 30 years old. Dillion is now 26 years old. He was born on January 22.

Who is Big Bambina Boyfriend?

Big Bambina is currently dating famous basketball player Dillon Brooks, he is a professional basketball player by profession. Details about when Brooke met her and when they started dating is also not available yet. They focus on their own area and live happily and peacefully with each other.

Model Big Bambino on Instagram

The exact number of her followers is unknown, but it was gathered that she had over 1.2 million followers. Despite Big Bambina being transgender, Brooks loves her with all his heart and will surely tie the knot shortly.

Big Bambina boyfriend

Dillion Brooks Biography

Dillon Brooks is best known as a Canadian professional basketball player. Dillon Brooks was born in Mississauga, on January 22, 1996. Brooks did his basic study through a local school. Brooks did his graduation from the University of Oregon.

How old is Dillon Brooks?

Dillon Brooks was born in Mississauga, on January 22, 1996, he is 26 years old in 2022. Brooks’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. His religion is Christianity. He also played for the Canadian team at the 2015 Pan American Games

Bambina’s Net Worth

Bambina has earned so much money from her modeling career. Since the model’s annual salary ranges from $24,970 – $124,730, she can earn this range of annual salaries. But, her boyfriend Dylan has an estimated net worth of $1 million by 2022.

Big Bambina model


Dillon’s annual salary is $11,666,667. Dillon has earned this huge privilege from his career as a professional basketball player. Similarly, Dylan’s net worth includes his property, assets, and bank balances. Dillon also earns additional money from paid partnerships, sponsored contracts, and brand endorsements.

Dillon signed a 3 years contract with the Memphis Grizzlies for $35,000,000. The contract includes a guaranteed annual average salary of $35,000,000 and $11,666,667. Dillon will receive a base salary of $11.4 million in 2022-23, with a cap hit of $11,400,000 and a dead cap value of $11.4 million.


Dillon was injuredl when he tripped Warriors guard Gary Payton II, breaking his bone. He has a fracture to his left elbow and a torn ligament. Dillon lives happily and peacefully on the income earned from his professional sports career.

Professional Career of Big Bambina and her boyfriend

Bambina is a role model by profession.comparably, Bambina’s boyfriend, Brooks, is a basketball player by profession. Currently, Dillon plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association.In 2017, he played college basketball for the Oregon Ducks and successfully earned the title of Second Team All-American Conference Player in the Pac-12.

Similarly, Brooks was drafted by Houston in the 2017 NBA Draft. Rockets with the 45th pick. He was then immediately traded on July 21, 2017, to the Memphis Grizzlies. Brooks scored 19 points, the most by a Canadian-born player on October 18, 2017, in the NBA.

Big Bambina model – FAQs

1. Who is the bigBambina?

Ans – Big Bambina is a popular trans model.

2. Who is BigBambina’s boyfriend?

Ans – Dillian Brooks is reportedly Big Bambina’s boyfriend.

3. What is BigBambina’s real name?

Ans – She never reveals her real name in public or anywhere.

4. What is the age of BigBambina?

Ans – His age is unknown.

5. How old is Dillian Brooks?

Ans – Dillian Brooks is now 26 years old.

6. Is Dillon Brooks out?

Ans – Yes, Dillon is suspended from Game 2 by the Grizzlies. As he blundered on Warriors guard Gary Payton II, resulting in a fracture to Payton’s left elbow. Because of this, Payton will miss at least three weeks due to injury.

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