Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements

Life story of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and vocation accomplishments

Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements

Omotola Jalade Husband Biography

Omotola Jalade is one of Nigeria’s most prominent entertainers, all things considered. She is a legend and very much prepared in the business! With north of 300 movies, this lady has made a name for her and has turned into a motivation and good example for some individuals, both youthful and old. She is the sort of lady that a little kid would dream to be, even only for a day. Omotola is a wonderful lady, and like a genuine sovereign, she has a ruler. She is hitched to Capt. Matthew Ekeinde. To find out about Omotola Jalade spouse account, keep perusing this article!

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A touch of History!

Matthew Ekeinde was brought into the world on the twenty-third of March, 1968. However he initially hails from Sabongida Ora in Edo State, he invested the vast majority of his energy in the east. This was a direct result of his dad’s work. His dad was a man of the law, all the more explicitly a divisional cop. Matthew accepted his essential and nursery tutoring in Lagos and burned through five years in Owerri. There he went to Emmanuel College. Fortunately for him, he experienced childhood in an exquisite home with the two guardians and was not by any means the only kid. Matthew’s mom is an Igbo lady who is initially from the delightful, Abo in Delta State.

Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements


Since the early age of five, Matthew longed for turning into a pilot. This fantasy started when his dad, who was on the job at the Ikeja Airport, took him to work and into an old warrior plane. At the point when he sat in the cockpit of the old military aircraft, his creative mind dominated. He was so mindblown by the whole experience that he decided without even a moment’s pause to turn into a pilot. From that point forward, he set off to seek after that fantasy. Subsequent to finishing auxiliary school and graduating at sixteen years old, he went to Aviation school. This was the way he got his pilot permit.

Matthew started flying in England then after some time, he moved back to Nigeria, in 1991. Throughout the long term he has gained a ton of work insight and has had the chance to work with a wide range of organizations. Additionally, his ability and abilities have permitted him to ascend the stepping stool concerning positioning and procure the title of Captain Matthew Ekeinde. A portion of the carriers he has worked with are:

● Air Contractors

● AIC carriers possessed by Chief Harry Akande

● Air Nigeria

● Arik Air

● Bellview

● Bristow Helicopters (Pan African Airline)

● Sosoliso

Skipper Ekeinde isn’t just a pilot he is likewise a financial specialist. He as of late settled The Aquatic Jungle Entertainment, which is a traveler and diversion focus in Badagry. The commander has large plans and has acquired around 100 sections of land of land. That far section of land has been created, where he intends to open a smaller than expected air terminal. Plans are likewise set up for a five-star lodging, aquariums, exciting rides, and a zoo.
Skipper Mathew Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade.

Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements

Family and relationship

Its a well known fact that Capt. Matthew Ekeinde is the spouse of one of Nigeria’s most adored lady from Nollywood, Omotola Jalade. The two resemble the First Family and the Beyonce and Jay Z of Nollywood. They have been joyfully hitched beginning around 1996, keeping 21 years of a solid marriage, with very little reports and outrages. That by itself is a significant achievement without anyone else, particularly when under the displays of media outlets.

The two show a good example sort of relationship and are continuously able to share guidance for the individuals who wish to hear. Matthew and Omotola met in 1994 when she was only sixteen and he was 26. The two had been presented through his oldest sister at chapel, since looking at her he experienced passionate feelings for and turned into a family companion. After some time, Matthew studied Omotola and understood that she was the sort of lady he would need to wed.

Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements

After around two years of delaying, he proposed to Omotola and wedded her before she headed out to college. They had their wedding service in mid air, with a cleric and relatives on board of the Dash Seven. However this thought was a first in those days and appeared to be unthinkable, he figured out how to pull it off with their assurance. To them, age was only a fantasy of the creative mind, simply a futile number which love has prevailed.

The Ekeindes firmly accepts that couples, particularly wedded ones ought to be viable and have God at their middle. As far as they might be concerned, marriage is a serious responsibility and when confronted with hardships and baffling contentions, separate is never a choice. At the point when grounded in the good book and with the total comprehension of God’s words, they accept that conflicts ought to be talked about and settled. That is basically their mystery to an enduring marriage.

Omotola Jalade and her significance

During their 21 years of marriage, they have been honored with four mature kids who are understanding and fortunately for them, not under anybody’s terrible impact or being steered off track. Their kids are M.J., Micheal, Princess, and Meraiah Ekeinde.

Despite the fact that they are well known guardians with such tedious professions, two or three has figured out how to make themselves accessible from their bustling timetable to see one another and partake in the organization of their kids. This family loves to travel and live it up.

Biography of Captain Matthew Ekeinde: family and career achievements

Among the considerable rundown of things that Mr. Ekeinde is, he is likewise a heartfelt and family man. Indeed, even up right up ’til now he can keep the flares consuming in his marriage. He is a carefree man who appreciates and energizes his better half and kids. Skipper Matthew totally loves his better half and treats her as though they are as yet dating. He gave her the epithet “Omosexy” and the world followed there later. He unquestionably is a model spouse during the current hundred years. I wish them both nonstop satisfaction and outcome in their marriage, vocations, adventures, and as guardians.

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