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Biography of Fotocopy | age, girlfriend, networth


Fotocopy is the one of the hottest Ghanaian rappers trending at the moment owning to the fact that he has dropped a ‘bars on bars’ freestyle that is setting social media on fire. Kallai Nana Qwaachi aka Fotocopy is a kid rapper and is seven years of age and in class 2 but his rap flow is on a ‘Badu’ and deserves an honorary PhD immediately.

While in an interview with Pulse.com.gh about his music career, this was what he said “I started music when I was in KG2” adding that “they use to laugh at me that I am very tall but I am in KG2”. Fotocopy’s father is also a musician and makes him a photocopy of his Dad, Qwaachi, as he disclosed his inspiration all come from his father. “My Daddy is a musician, he was going to perform and I told him I wanted to do music, that’s how I started,” he said.

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According to Fotocopy, rap comes to him because he doesn’t learn it. “when the song comes I don’t do anything, it just blows into my mind, then I start singing,” he said during the exclusive interview with pulse.com.gh.

Fotocopy is out with a song titled ‘Megye Me Dow’ featuring his father Qwaachi and Clemento Suarez. Speaking about the rap track, he said “I wrote it myself and my dad helped me”.

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Fotocopy who is a seven-year-old boy, Kallai Nana Qwaachi, is set to take the Ghanaian rap scene by storm barring any unforeseen circumstances. Known as Fotocopy, Qwaachi gives a rap flow and given heavy bars like a grown-up and great rapper will do. Unlike many talented young ones who start off on reality shows, Fotocopy has already released his first single titled Megye Me Dow.

The song which features his father Qwaachi and comic actor Clemento Suarez is already garnering attention. It already has over 32,000 views within 10 days of its release.

Fotocopy’s song tells a story of a father who refuses to take care of his son by making reference to demands a boy makes from his father when school reopens. In an interview with Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba, Fotocopy indicated rap comes to him naturally adding that he wrote the song himself.

Explaining the name Fotocopy, the primary two pupil stated that he chose his stage name because he is a photocopy of his father who is also a musician. On his part, Fotocopy’s father declared that he was going all out o support his son because he does not want him to hide and do it and eventually do it wrongly.

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