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Biography of Joseph Emmanuel (JO-E)

Joseph Emmanuel Akaito aka JO-E popularly known as The OBRIGADO PRINCE is a top gospel music artist in Nigeria, based in Kaduna State (Northern part of Nigeria). He released his hit song OBRIGADO which brought him to the limelight.


Biography of Joseph Emmanuel – JO-E aka OBRIGADO PRINCE

Joseph Emmanuel Akaito aka JO-E popularly known as The OBRIGADO PRINCE is a top gospel music artist in Nigeria, based in Kaduna State (Northern part of Nigeria). He released his hit song OBRIGADO which brought him to the limelight.

His songs are always a blessing to people globally. Insidegistblog has an exclusive interview with the OBRIGADO PRINCE and we’re excited to share it with you today. Please ensure to share this article to friends.

Quick Facts About JO-E

Full nameJoseph Emmanuel Akaito
Birthday June 5th
FamilyMr Joseph and Mrs Elizabeth
State of OriginKaduna State
Annual EventFestival of Gratitude

Brief Family Background

Joseph Emmanuel was born on the 5th of June, 1992 into the family of Mr Joseph and Mrs Elizabeth in Kaduna State. He is a native of Kaduna State, precisely, Kagarko local government area and he’s Koro by tribe.



Joseph Emmanuel did his primary and secondary school education in Kaduna. He started at St Paul’s nursery school Kakuri Kaduna. He then went to Victory academy (for his Primary School Education) and then Federal government college malali kaduna & Pet international school, trikania kaduna (Secondary School Education).

Joseph Emmanuel did his tertiary education at Kaduna State University where he read Biochemistry. He later moved to National Open University to read Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.

How I discovered Music

I discovered my music calling at the age of 17 during my secondary school days in the year of my graduation I.e 2009. It also started when I sang for the first time in public during school fellowship and the ovation was massive for the first time in my life.

I was happy to receive such a beautiful applause from everyone in the meeting. Then I decided to make a bargain with God ” if he allowed me get admission in one sitting after secondary school, I was going to serve him with the gift I discovered for the rest of my days. He kept His end of the bargain and I’m still keeping mine.

I also joined a choir in Church at living faith church (winners chapel that same year) that was wear my gift was sharpened. I got admission and went to school ( Kaduna State University) that same year.

Fortunately, I was made the music director, first time in history for a year one student to be given a position in the school fellowship to lead as the music director. This furthermore gave me the platform to put to use the things I learnt from my home church. Ever since that moment, it’s been one level of glory to the other.

Joseph Emmanuel - JO-E

I’d like to add that the name OBRIGADO PRINCE Was given to me by my bishop, Bishop Doctor D.J Destiny, the founder and General overseer of Blaze of Glory embassy the church where I fellowship.


I have just one album recorded in the year 2015 and released in the year 2016 June 12 titled OBRIGADO. This was the major breakthrough for my ministry. As my hit single OBRIGADO was released, it spread all over the world. Today I’m called the OBRIGADO PRINCE for the impacts the song has made in the body of Christ all over the world.


Off the album I’ve released just 4 singles since 2016

Oh Papa (2015)Download
Obrigado (2016)Download
You Are GoodDownload
The Year 2020Download
By My SideDownload

I’ve been featured on over 50songs to the glory of God.

Festival Of Gratitude

JO-E is the convener of the annual worship program Festival Of Gratitude aka FOG. FOG is a meeting that’s put together by JO-E and then OBRIGADO team annually to converge thousands of people, artists and worshipers under an atmosphere of intense worship,word and praise. Watch highlights of FOG below:

Some artists JO-E have sang with

JO-E has ministered with other anointed musicians like Solomon Lange, David G, Emma sings, Prospa ochimana, Owie abutu, Elija oyelade, Asu ekiye, Chris Morgan, Freke Umoh, Mr Sheks, G-Wills, Jeremiah gyang, Kaestrings, Solomon De Oracle (My Twin Brother) and a whole lot of national and international gospel music artistes.

JO-E and Kaestrings
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Do you have a studio?

Yes I have a music studio and a producer. The new studio is currently undergoing construction, and I have 2producers, Kopji and A-Pro.

What musical instruments can you play?

I can play just the drum set. My major instrument is my voice🥰

Biography of JO-E

JO-E can make people dance makosa non-stop.

When it comes to makosa, JO-E and his team are best at it. Take a look at these photos:
Biography of Joseph Emmanuel
Joseph Emmanuel - JO-E


I’m married to the love of my life, Natasha Yahaya. She’s my bestie, my all, my baby and my sugar. We got married on the 18th of December, 2021.
Joseph Emmanuel - JO-E and girlfriend
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Aside music, what do you do?

Aside music, i do business, entertainment is basically my line of business. I do rentals for sound gadgets, music equipments and lights, I also do events planning, artiste management and consultancy for music generally. I train choir and I have a company *ROTNATION*

Advice to Musicians

MY advice to musicians is, consistency is key in any sphere of life, be consistent, stay faithful and humble. Seek knowledge continuously. Serve in a local church!

Who’s your role model?

My role model is Dr. Tim Godfrey

What is the name of your team?


How do you improve on yourself as a musician?

I improve myself daily by reading books, watching youtube videos, scoring songs, rehearsing weekly, trying out my vocal dynamics in lonely place spraying and fasting, and most importantly, serving in my home church… Mentoring is also a great deal for me.

I have never attended any music school, I was only groomed at my local church when I discovered my gift.

I was wrongly Injected as a kid

Actually what happened to my leg was as a result of the fact that I was wrongly Injected as a kid while I was sick.

Photos of JO-E

Joseph Emmanuel
Joseph Emmanuel - JO-E


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