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Biography of Minister Yadah: Age, Career, Songs


Biography of Minister Yadah: Age, Career, Songs

Minister Yadah is a top female gospel artist, song writer, singer, fashion designer and gospel influencer. She hails from the southern region of Nigeria.Yadah has so many songs to her name, she’s using her gifts to bless lives globally. This post contains some interesting facts about her.

In this post I will be writing about Yadah’s biography and other facts about her.

Profile Summary
1. Full Name

Praise Kukeurim
2. Stage NameYadah
3. Gender Female
4. State Cross River
5. Nationality Nigeria
6. AlbumsThe Love Story Album
7. Net Worth $5,000 – $10,000
8. Songs by YadahThe Love Story Album

Brief Family Background

Yadah who goes by the birth name, Agaga Praise Kukeurim is from Obanliku local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria. She was born into a christian home. She grew up in Abuja where she attended primary and secondary schools. Yadah studied Economics at Nasarawa State University and graduated with first class degree.


Her Ministry And Career

Yadah is a passionate worshipper and lover of God. She has yielded herself as a tool for God to use. She’s also a lover of good fashion. Yadah is a proud worshipper, song writer and worship leader, a voice for Jesus to Nations. Yadah is under the management of Sonshub Media.

How She Gained Global Recognition

Yadah came into the gospel music ministry when she released her debut single “Goodie Goodie” in 2017. She also released her EP titled “The Blood Covenant” in the year 2018, which gained recognition all over Nigeria and the Globe. Her songs were widely accepted by many and she got more invitations and began to explore deeply into her calling as a music minister.

The Love Story Album

Minister Yadah has released her much anticipated album titled “The Love Story Album” during her live concert, which took place on August 8, 2021 at The Transforming Church, Gwarimpa – Abuja. So many renowned gospel artist attended the album launch, it was indeed a beautiful experience.

See also made an announcement on her Facebook page with the caption:

NOW OUT!!!!It is with so much joy in my heart that we release the highly anticipated THE LOVE STORY album. 15 songs on God’s love as expressed on the cross of Calvary, the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ and the hope that this sacrifice has brought. Soak on it, you’ll be more thankful!!!”

Get album HERE

See some photos below:

Yadah’s Philosophy

Yadah has a philosophy in her words “I believe in the one and only true God. I believe that he gave his own son who came as a man to die for our sins and that through his death on the cross we have the remission and forgiveness of sins. I believe that whosoever believes in the son has eternal life and a hope for the coming glory and manifestation of sons. I believe in Christ’s cross and all that it is to a believer”.

What is Yadah’s Networth?

As at when this post was written, Yadah has an estimated net worth of $5,000 – $10,000 approx .

Songs by Yadah

• Beyond Me
• Goodie Goodie
• Free of Charge
• Onye Inaputara
• You Fell For Me
• Hosanna

Quotes by Yadah

If you have a problem, talk to God first, You have a need, God first, You’re angry, God first. You’re burdened with the weight of life, God first. You feel betrayed, prayer first. You feel stabbed, go on your knees, pray!!! You’re excited about a good news and your hand is pushing you to type it on social media, talk to God first!!! You’re confused? Talk to God You failed, talk to God. You succeeded, pray to God. Pray always and without ceasing!!! You’ll be grateful you did!!!

Yadah To Her Manager At Their 4years Anniversary

“My manager 😭😭😭It’s been 4 years of ceaseless work, constantly encouraging me, years of never stopping, never looking back.Years of taking all the insults, you’d rather everything evil be said of you rather. One-man army, working like 1000 people. You’re a great gift to me and I really do know that I have a rare management here. Thank you for your selflessness. You were literally everywhere before, during, after the event, and even now. Little girl is forever loyal!!! Thank you boss Nony Daniel

Social Media Handle

You can connect with Yadah through her social media handles below:
Facebook: Yadah-KingBorn (@yadahworld) Instagram: yadahworld
Twitter: @ yadahworld

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