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Biography of Solomon Jacob (De Oracle) – age, songs, talents

Just in case you've not listened to SADAKI by Solomon De Oracle, you can download it Here.


Solomon Jacob aka De Oracle is a Nigerian gospel artist, who hails from Sokoto State, Northern part of Nigeria. Solomon De Oracle has been a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ through his songs. He has been dropping hit songs back to back, songs of blessings, songs with beautiful melodies and above all, he’s sensational worshipper.

This article Is about the Biography of Solomon Jacob aka De Oracle.

Quick Facts About Solomon De Oracle

Full name

Solomon Jacob
NicknameSolomon De Oracle
Date of Birth28-08-1984
State of OriginKogi
TalentsSinging, Fashion designer
Educational StatusGraduate
SongsSADAKI and more
Favourite colorRed
Role modeNathaniel Bassey
Twin BrotherJO-E

Brief Family History

Solomon Jacob – De Oracle was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Jacob Omale on the 28th of August, 1984. He is a native of Kogi State Nigeria and is Igala by tribe. He’s currently based in Sokoto State.

Solomon Jacob De Oracle


Solomon Jacob attended Doruwan Shagari Modern primary school, Talatan Madara in Zanfara State in 1986. Mr Solomon later on attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he Studied Law. But then he got a calling from God into ministry and went to theological school. Mr Solomon Jacob is now an Apostle.

How I Started Music – Solomon Jacob

Music I’ll say is my life, I love music and I enjoy doing music. I was inspired by my elder brother right from an early age. I’m always coming back home with new sounds (music and songs) and that inspired me growing up as a young child. All this made me discovered I could sing.

Also, my mother was a singer and a beautiful one at that, and being her pet, I followed her for many rehearsals and events (Zumuntan mata i.e. women fellowship). All these events helped my sense of music to build up over time and I have worked on myself to become a good music artist.

I’m still working on myself daily and by the help of God, I’m improving. As a music artist I worked so hard even while I was in school. I was focused on my studies and also I was building up my musical talent as well.

How the song SADAKI came

The song SADAKI means bride price and it was inspired from a place of love and affection that makes one want to make a woman his forever. Making her his wife. So I put all of this inspiration into melodies and today it is loved and accepted all over the world.

Just in case you’ve not listened to SADAKI by Solomon De Oracle, you can download it Here.

Songs by De Oracle
• We will see them no more
• Yesu takaman mu
• Geyawa YESU
• An biya
• Take me back home
• Jesus on my matter, and many more unpublished songs written by myself….
Albums be De Oracle
I have four albums published and launched.
• Muyi ajiya
• I am not afraid
• Open check
• Rayuwan duniya.

Advice to young artist


Be humble and know what you are called for.

Collaboration with other Artists

I have sang songs with many artistes, Mr sheks, Mr Damz, Sunny G, Sam Sosa, Dave Yari and many more national and international artistes…

Tell us briefly how you met your twin brother JO-E (OBRIGADO PRINCE)

Hahahahahah….It is a miracle and a divine connection, it was January on the 8th precisely, I went to the studio to record a makossa song, when I came Jo-E was sitting, and that was how we met, and since then we became good friends and identical twins, we have become so close, I know it is a connection from above because it feels like we have been friends for Somany years.

Are you in a Relationship?

I’d like to keep my relationship private for now.

What is the name of your annual event?

The name of my annual event is “Rescue for my generation

Aside music, what do you do?

Aside music I do business, I run a fashion house. Singing and doing music is my hubby. I also love to be around friends.

Your favorite color and food

My favourite color is red. My favourite food is Rice(Jollof rice)

Who is your role model?

My role model is Nathaniel bassey


I have numerous awards; artiste of the year 2020 (Abuja) to mention but a few.

What’s should we expect from you next?

I’m currently working on rebranding now and I’m working on building a new team and working with more creative minds to build and take my brand to a new level.
I’ll be dropping a song on my birthday which is coming up on the 28th of August, 2021. You can read more about my new song HERE

Your official social media handles

You can connect with the Oracle on Facebook: Solomon De Oracle

Photos of Solomon De Oracle


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