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Biography of Tallest of Selina Tested -MC Prophet


Read about the biography of Tallest of Selina Tested aka MC Prophet

Tallest Emmanuel aka Tallest aka task collector aka MC Prophet aka kpe-kus master is a Nigerian, actor with lightweight entertainment. He hails from river state Nigeria, Akwa Ibami Local Govt Area of River State.

Tallest is an actor, mc and comedian. He went to the University of Port Harcourt for his Tertiary Educaction. He played the role of Tallest aka Onye Mme mme in the movie selina tested.

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Quick facts about Tallest

Real nameMC Prophet (Tallest Emmanuel)
NicknameMc prophet, Onye Mmemme, De prophetsoundcityradio tallest prophet
HobbiesActing and comedy
State of OriginRivers State Nigeria.
AgeBorn 17th November
Current cityPort Harcourt
career/skillActing, comedian
Movie roleTallest
Skin colorDark

Tallest role In Selina Tested Movie

Tallest of Selina Tested Movie

Tallest the task collector aka kpe-kus master is one funny yet fearful character in the movie selina tested. His role is really funny I tell you. Tallest has the habit of reaping where he didn’t sow. He forcefully takes people’s properties like phones, money etc from them. He’s a close friend to sibi who hated Chiboy and Abboy from the very start. This is his capping:

Na me be tallest aka task collector aka Oye mme me, My face show, my shoe shine, my face shin like billboard, Put call you go hear the scores. Please if you know the rest, drop it on the comment section.


Tallest is also an MC by profession, he’s called MC Prophet. He is a talented movie actor, comedian and skit maker.

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Tallest aka Oye Mme mme Tested is part of the Lightweight Entertainment crew.

Tallest of Selina Tested
Tallest of Selina Tested Movie
MC Prophet

Tallest age

Tallest Emmanuel Selina tested was born on the 17th of November. We don’t know his actual age but we can say he’s between 20-35years age range. Once we get verified information we’ll let you know.

Tallest girlfriend

Tallest appears to be a lover of banni’s. For now we don’t know real girlfriend. Once we have information, we’ll let you know.

Tallest Networth

Tallest a a commedian, actor and entrepreneur. He makes his money from his comedy and MC profession. We have gotten data about his Networth yet

Follow him on social media @Tallest Emmanuel (Mc Prophet)

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