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Biography of Victoria Innocent(31 lineage) – Age, career, husband,


Victoria Emmanuel is a blessed lady full of light, wisdom, and is purpose driven towards helping ladies build themselves by discovering themselves as well as their role in the life of their man. Insidegistblog made a little research on Victoria Emmanuel and we’re excited to share with you some amazing things about her.

Quick Facts About Victoria Emmanuel

Jesus and Relationship Model
Media Evangelist
Strong Social Media Influence


Brief Background

Victoria Emmanuel grew up in Zaria Kaduna with her family. Much information about her family is not yet disclosed. But Insidegistblog believes that she spent most part of her early life in Zaria before moving to Abuja.

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Place Of Work

1. Victoria worked with quintessence theater from 2011 – 2016.
2. She also works with African Independent Television (AIT).
3. She is also working at National Judicial Council Abuja.
4. She is also working as the pioneer of 31 Lineage
5. She is also currently working at Koinonia Abuja.


Victoria studied at Ahmedu Bello University Zaria and graduated in 2019. She also Studied at Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama.

31 Lineage

31 Lineage is a ministry founded by Victoria Emmanuel. It’s main aim is to replicate the possibilities of proverbs 31, taking Jesus to every heart, relationship and marriage. It has grown over the years on facebook, followed by over 21,000 persons.


Victoria Emmanuel Weds Kaestrings: Check out these 15 adorable pre-wedding photos they shared on Facebook

31 Lineage has a special genre of communicating the heart of God for every Godly/Christian relationship and marriage. Be a part of the 31 Lineage movement on facebook and your life will never remain the same.


Victoria Emmanuel is currently married to Minister Kaestrings. They got married on the 6th of November, 2021. They’re an adorable and unique couple. See wedding photos HERE

See their lovely pre-wedding photos, Click Here

During her birthday celebration this year, 2021, Kaestrings penned down a romantic birthday message to her. Check it out.

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What Victoria Said About Contentment In Godly Relationship

Do you know that there is a lady/man somewhere that is more beautiful/handsome, more richer, famous/influential than your partner? The search for the best/perfect person is unending because daily as you live, you’ll see newer dimensions of life unveiled.

There is no one person with the ‘most’ outstanding quality that is higher than every other person.The more your search, the more you find more amazing things/people because nothing is really new under the sun.This is where contentment comes to play. It has nothing to do with ‘managing’ a person.

It is your ability to appreciate what you have and treat him/her as the best the world is fortunate to have. This is contentment!It isn’t comparison, neither is it endurance. Have you asked your self why a man who marry a beautiful woman with the ‘full package’ as the society views it will still go cheating with someone who is not up-to the level of his wife?

Beauty is not the only thing you need to keep a man or the only factor a good man will consider (talk for another day)If you’re waiting for a perfect person to marry, you may end up not marrying at all because they don’t exist. This doesn’t mean you should settle for less or manage anyone, out of it completely.

It is to help you appreciate and value the good man/woman God has given you and learn to grow as couple into the sweet couple you pictured. A lot other things you admire on other people can be replicated on your partner’s body/life if given the chance.

Try to be contented with what you have. Scripture makes us understand that Holiness with contentment is great gain. #31lineageVictoria Emmanuel


Victoria is a hardworking and energetic entrepreneur, she runs online Bible shows, she’s a director, a writer, Evangelist and also knows how to produce sweet peanuts.

Tv Shows

She runs a gospel TV program titled Top 10 naija. You can watch some of her YouTube videos here.


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