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Black Chully Biography, Age, Real name, Networth, Boyfriend, Videos


Her Tiktok name is widely known as Black Chully (Black Chilly). She claims to be a lesbian, which she portrays in most of her videos. Today, you’ll get to know everything about this controversial TikToker who has gotten the attention of the general public.

But then, why do people feel that if they don’t leak your n*de or s*x tape to the public, they won’t make it big in the entertainment industry? Because that’s the trend now and most upcoming or fast rising Celebrities are buying into this school of thought.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Kindly drop a comment at the end of the post about what you think about people uploading their nudes or s*x tape online just to get popular

Profile Summary

Full nameBlack Chully or Black Chilly
Place of birthImo State
Date of birth2000-2002 (estimated)
Ageearly 20’s
State of OriginImo State, Nigeria
EducationSecondary Education
CareerTikToker, Content creator, Brand Promoter
Reason for popularitySeveral leaked s*x tapes alleged lesbianism
Net Worth$100k – $400k. (estimated)
Height and WeightBlack Chully’s height is should be around 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is approx 65 kg.

Who is Black Chully TikTok?

Black Chully or Black Chilly is a Popular Nigerian TikToker. Chilly speaks out after dozens of her n*de videos were leaked online. As of the time of writing this article, Black Chully is currently heartbroken alongside facing so many GBAS GBOS after dozens of her n*de videos which were uploaded online.

The young TikToker, who couldn’t hold back her tears as she wept profusely, made a viral video to address the scandalous incident as her x-rated videos continue to spread on various social media platforms.


Black Chully was seen in the video saying she had no idea how the videos managed to be made public.


Black Chully TikTok viral video

Black Chilly is a popular Nigerian Tiktoker who is believed to also be a l3sb!an as well as a Tomboy. She often trends on Tiktok anytime there’s a new trend on the social app.

This beautiful girl has got her private video of herself looking entizing and doing herself fine in a lesbobo style.


The s£x tape video of the popular 2000-2002 born IMO state fast rising content creator has gone viral after she received several blackmails.

Another Video showed where she was riding a sx toy (Vibrator). She also filmed herself while she was msturbating with a s*x toy. The explicit video has gone viral and so many people reacted that she shouldn’t have put all this act on record in the first place.

The video has gone viral and she took to her page to cry that the swore tmwity her Womb that she has no idea how the videos were leaked.

She further lamented the activities of these people who she said were making the videos more viral everyday.


“I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. These people are making this video viral everyday, I don’t know what happened, I swear with my womb, I don’t know what happened,” Black Chilly said of the n*de videos, she said.


However, while some were sympathetic to her, many who watched and heard her contrite video were dismissive of her claim wondering why she made and stored the videos in the first place.

See Fans Reactions Below:-
unwana kingz
But she usually appears naked on instagram to act wicked, so what’s the difference between the leaked videos?
itz amarachi dion
You can’t be serious!!! Why are you going to film yourself naked? Who is it that has risen you? 🚶

genesis simmons_
But why do people record themselves on video? I believe it is a foolish thing to do.

soft westy_
She is achieving the celebrity she desired.

She’s not happy with what she saw, and she even mentioned her name, which is black Chilly dudes.

She linked those videos to trend because she has a lot of videos of herself on her phone, so why keep those kinds of files on your phone and even come on IG live naked? 

Biography of Black Chilly

Black Chully is a Nigerian actress, content creator, brand ambassador, entertainer. She is known for her comedic roles in films and special appearance in comedy videos. Years back, she launched her career in acting.

Due to her talented acting skills, she became known as a funny character after being featured in some comedy films/videos. This led to a significant increase in her fan base.

Black Chully Age

Black Chully is speculated to be born between 2000-2002, so therefore she should be in her 20’s. As soon as we find out her real age, we’ll let you know.

Black Chully real name

Black Chully, also known as Black Chilly, real name is not yet confirmed, but she is well known as Black Chully.

Black Chully State Of Origin

Black Chully is from Imo State, Nigeria, she leaves there before pursuing her career in the big city of Lagos.

Black Chully Career

Black chully got into acting some years ago. Her roles in several movies and comedy videos been the source of her increased fan base. Her popularity on TikTok has reached Seventy Three thousand followers and fans on Twitter and Instagram.

She is one of Nigeria’s most trending controversial TikTok talent, whose videos and content have gone viral severally. Black Chully became the talk of the media a few years back after a nude video of her doing solo masturbation went viral.


Black Chully Boyfriend

We’re yet to discover who her boyfriend is. But some other sources said she currently does not have a boyfriend because she’s a l*sbian and has a girlfriend. However, the identity of her girlfriend is yet to be revealed.

Black Chully Parents, Siblings

Chully grew up with her parents, but her parents’ identity is still yet to be unknown. We doubt if her parents will be proud to her all that’s happening around their daughters life at the moment.

Black Chully’s Height, Weight

Black Chully’s height is should be around 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is approx 65 kg.


Social Media Handles

Black Chully Instagram

Black Chully currently has a total number of 190k followers on her Instagram profile with the username @black_chullyscorpoin.

Black Chully YouTube

Black has a youtube channel called the Black Chully. Her channel was opened on the 3rd February 2021. She has 1.85k subscribers on her youtube channel.

Black Chully TikTok

Black Chully currently has a total number of 2.4 million followers on TikTok with the username @BlackChully3.

Black Chully Net Worth

Isn’t it obvious that Black Chilly is now a well known Tiktoker. Did you know that she recently won Wande Coal song challenge and was given 1 million naira? Or you were not informed too😂,

We gathered that she charges alot per video she does, so her estimated net worth is around $100k – $400k.

FAQ About Black Chully

Here are some frequently asked questions about her:

1 Who is Black Chully?

Black Chully is a Nigerian actress, content creator, brand ambassador, entertainer, and has controversial career identity.

2 How old is Black Chully?

Black Chully’s age is around 20 something years.

3 Who is Black Chully’s dating?

Chully’s boyfriend’s name is not known.

4 What is Black Chully’s Height?

Chully’s height is around 5 feet 7 inches.

5. What genuine career is Black Chilly doing?

There has been a strong speculation that she is a l*sbian and p*rn actress.

Photos of Black Chilly


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