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Blue Film Woman Soundtrack Original Mp3 Download

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Blue film Woman

This is a drama movie. A father’s debt to a loan shark leads his wife and daughter to take desperate measures. It was directed by Kan Mukai, written by Yutaka So.

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As his investments in the stock market fail, a man finds himself in serious debt to a lecherous loan-shark named Uchiyama. The man’s wife hires herself to Uchiyama to buy time for the husband to pay off the debt. After Uchiyama uses the wife to provide companionship for his mentally-impaired son, she is hit by a car, and her husband falls into despair and illness.

Their daughter works as a nightclub dancer, intending to save the money to help with the debt. After her father’s suicide, the girl decides to get revenge.

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  • Mitsugu Fujii
  • Ichirō Furuoka
  • Miki Hashimoto
  • Keisuke Kawahigashi
  • Rika Koyanagi
  • Reo Mizumori
  • Kumi Ōsugi
  • Shūsuke Sone
  • Takako Uchida

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