Bright Osayi Samuel Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career

Bright Osayi Samuel, is considered to be one of the best attacking Midfielder and dribbler in his generation. However, many of his fans know little about his life story, which is fascinating to read. We’ll be telling you about his biography, childhood, early life, family, parents, partner, lifestyle, networth and more.

Bright Osayi Samuel Childhood Story

Bright Osayi Samuel was born on the 31st of December 1997 to his Nigerian parents in the town of Okija, Anambra State, Nigeria. During his early life, Bright Osayi-Samuel’s family relocated to Spain where they lived until he was nine years old. At the age of 10, his parents immigrated to England, settling in Woolwich, London.


Family Background

As seen in their exotic lifestyles, no doubt, seeing the Winger and his mum on a private jet tour does reveal the family status. You’ll agree that Bright Osayi-Samuel is from a rich family. They are possibly the type who had formal education and could afford their beloved son, everything he needs to excel in life.

What is Bright Osayi Samuel nationality?

We all know the Footballer is from Nigeria. However, lots of fans have asked; which state in Nigeria does Bright Osayi-Samuel come from or hail? Well, despite that his parents gave birth to him at Okija, Anambra State doesn’t mean Bright Osayi-Samuel has his origin in Eastern Nigeria.

Bright Osayi Samuel

Sources revealed that the name ‘Osayi’ has its origin in Edo state, Nigeria. It is a Benin name that means ‘God created.’ By implication, Bright Osayi-Samuel’s family hails from Benin City located in Edo State, Nigeria. This fact is evident as seen from fans’ often commenting with the words ‘Edo to the World’ on his post on social media.


Education and Career

The Nigerian born winger has shown interest in playing football since his early days. He began developing his football skills in the local field of Ojika, Anambra state, Nigeria. From then, Bright’s parents decided their son would have his football education abroad. Hence the movement to Spain and then to England, where he got the opportunity to attend soccer trials.

Bright started life in the UK by playing football at a park in Woolwich, London- close to his family home. At age 16, life changed for the youngster when his application for trials went through for the team his dad and mum desired. Among all English clubs, it was the distant Blackpool FC Academy. And did you know?… Bright Osayi-Samuel rejected Manchester United’s transfer in favour of Blackpool.

Knowing that there are more chances of succeeding with a smaller club, his parents had to journey with him for 4.5 hours from their family home (in London) to the North West of England (Blackpool).

Bright Osayi-Samuel Early Career Life

Bright Osayi Samuel

As the young winger continued to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the Seasiders. The sharp-looking kid progressed smoothly through the academy ranks, all thanks to his speed and dribbling powers. Back then, people would refer to him as that confident kid with self-confidence.

Without a doubt, the end of the 2014-2015 season was the most challenging for the Youngster. It was a time he made his professional debut for Blackpool, precisely on the 7th of March 2015, at the age of 18.

Hard work no doubt paid off for whosoever possessed a steely determination to make his dreams come true. As for Bright, he became naturally gifted as he saw himself becoming a speed demon in the game. To date, speed-dribbling has become an invaluable asset to the Footballer.

The Nigerian born Footballer had his own share of success at an early age. Did you know?… he was part of the Blackpool team that won the EFL League Two play-offs in the year 2017.

Seeing so much of his pace, power and trickery, QPR couldn’t hold it anymore as they begged for his signature. At the club, Bright Osayi-Samuel formed a formidable partnership with fellow Nigerian Eberechi Eze.

Together, the Nigeria duo tore down opposition defences- scoring great goals and producing numerous assists.

At the time of writing, the Speedstar now hears his destiny calling him to a top-flight league, probably the EPL. And would he join the Nigerian National team, which has the likes of Moses Simon? Well, only time will tell.

Who is Bright Osayi Samuel’s Girlfriend?

Bright Osayi Samuel girlfriend

Being a successful young man, there is likely to be a tone of women coming his way. Also adding, some of his female fans have begun dreaming of becoming his wife or the mother of his child. Nevertheless, we still have the ultimate question; Who is Bright Osayi-Samuel’s girlfriend?

But after a thorough check look on his social media handles, we’ve come to a conclusion. At the time of writing Bright Osayi-Samuel’s bio, he has not made his relationship official.

Personal Life

You’ve gotten to know him as a speed dribbler on the pitch. However, getting to know the footballer outside the pitch will help you get a better picture of his personality.

• First and foremost, Bright is someone who people describe as humble, responsible, and disciplined. The Winger lives a refreshingly humble life with absolutely no worries about what tomorrow holds.

• No doubt, he comes from a wealthy family, but his humility is a rare quality. We see this in the humble lifestyle he possesses. Bright avoids the glossy magazines and has an anti-flash attitude. Thanks to proper grounding by his parents, he is easily noticeable with expensive cars, partying and showcasing big houses, etc.

• No doubt, having a beautiful household has been an essential factor in defining his sense of career fulfilment. In this section, we’ll tell you more about his parents and family members.

His Father: From the onset, his dad has been a crucial figure, one who has built his son’s self-image over the years. I believe he’s a man who foresees the future of his son. He is Bright’s chief adviser right from his early career days. As a Nigerian dad who has the country at heart, he has no issues convincing his son to represent his motherland. Bright once said, according to AllNigerianSoccer;


Bright Osayi Samuel mom

His Mother: He often refers to his mum as “Mumzy”. I got to know that after he uploaded a pic of both himself and his beautiful middle-aged mum jetting out to an unknown location.

Bright Osayi Samuel’s Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Association Football Player Bright Osayi-Samuel’s net worth is $1-5 Million at the age of 22 years old. He earned the money being a professional Association Football Player.

We can say that the Winger’s wealth isn’t that huge when compared to highest-paid footballers according to Forbes.

How much did Fenerbahce pay for bright osayi Samuel?

Total transfer fees: £457Th. Fenerbahce Joined: Jan 28, 2021 Contract expires: Jun 30, 2025.

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