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Biography of Caleb David: Songs, age, quotes


Biography of Caleb David: Songs, age, Quotes

Caleb David is a Nigerian musician and Speaker, Who is passionate about building an intimate walk with the HOLYSPIRIT, culturing a life that expresses the glory of the father as revealed in the image of Christ Jesus.

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He began leading congregations in worship at an early age and has ever since, desired to grow in the dynamics of hosting the manifest presence of God. He is a prolific singer, song writer and producer.

His dedication to excellence, in the expression of sound as a kingdom emissary has set him at the front lines and accrued him many favors.

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Being a man with a great deal of appreciation for sound doctrine, his songs capture a wealth of truth expressed in simplicity and grace. With a strong burden for the young generation, Caleb and his team are taking territories and breaking new grounds, revealing Jesus.

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Our fathers dug Wells by sound, fought wars, preserved heritages, enforced the government of heaven upon territories. Journeyed into hallowed places in the spirit, opened up passage ways for the realities of Christ to prevail on the earth.

Caleb David Songs

These men bore witness to how heaven judges and responds to good music and we dare to believe for good music!– Caleb David –

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Caleb David
Caleb David


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