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Cardi B Parents: Meet Cardi B’s Dad And Mum


Cardi B is a renown American rapper who became an Internet bestie by attaining so much popularity on Vine and Instagram.

Cardi B, also known by her full name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, was born in the Bronx borough of New York City on October 11, 1992. She lived her childhood days in the South Bronx area, Highbridge neighborhood, which is an area with the majority of Latino people.

Throwback Photos of Cardi B, Mum and kid Sis

Cardi B’s Parents

Cardi B parents

Cardi B’s parents are Clara Almánzar and Carlos Almanzar. Her father is of Dominican origin. He started life working as a taxi driver and drove a cab to earn a living. Her mother is from Trinidad and Tobago, she also worked as a cashier in the supermarket before.

Talking about her parents job in one of her interviews, Cardi B said that she had “real good parents” who had “regular, poor jobs”.

Cardi B and Her parents

Cardi B has never stopped praising her parents. She revealed that her mother’s methods of upbringing were useful because otherwise, she would probably end up dead, beaten, or a teenage mom.

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Cardi B’s Siblings

Clara Almánzar and Carlos Almanzar also gave birth to other children aside Cardi.

Cardi B and Sister

She has a kid sister, who was born in 1995. Her name is Hennessy Carolina Almanzar. By the way, it is known that the rapper also has half-siblings, which are an outcome of her father’s other marriages, as her parents broke up when she was ten. She probably grew up with her step dad. She has six half-siblings in total and the names of some of them are Maciel, Nicauly, and Fernando.

Are Cardi B’s Mom And Dad Still Together?

Cardi B’s parents Clara Almánzar and Carlos Almanzar are still together. There has been no report that suggests they are separated.

Cardi B, Husband and Mum

Cardi B’s family

Cardi B parents

Cardi B is a very strong woman full of many talents – she is not just a rapper and singer but also a video maker, songwriter, dancer, and an active social media personality. But, she probably wouldn’t have attain such amazing successes in life and career if it was not for the immeasurable support of her family.

Cardi B parents’ nationality

Cardi B was blessed to be raised in the multinational family. The father of Cardi B was of the Dominican origin. He worked as a taxi driver and drove a cab for the living as state earlier. On the other hand, Cardi B mother, is from Trinidad and Tobago. Her permanent job was a cashier in the supermarket. So, there is Dominican and Trinidadian blood in Cardi B’s veins, and now you know Cardi B parents nationality.


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