• Top 10 Most Handsome Men in Africa

    African guys are renowned for being tall, dark, and appealing to women. An African man is a gentle creature yet can be so powerful at the same time. Africa has a fair share of attractive men, and they can be found in various professions, including music, entertainment, and sports. African men can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you’ve never dated…

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  • Hot Stone Pedicure: Procedure, Benefits,

    Hot stone pedicures are available in all salons that have a special foot spa. It costs a little more than the normal pedicure, but trust me, it will be worth the money. When benefits of pedicure for your body and mind is so special, then take an important foot care tip from me. What to do before a hot stone…

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  • Ingredients and steps in making 7 days whitening black soap.

    The elements of this cleanser are regular and functions as skin repairers which battles against dermatitis, hostile to maturing, pimples, white fixes, etc. It likewise give you that gleam you want with no secondary effect. ALSO READ: How To Lock Your Hair With Toothpaste And Egg INGREDIENTS Ghana soapCamwoodOat flourCinnamon powderTumeric powderAloe Vera gelCoconut oilGoat milk powderSheabutterVitamin C (ascorbic)Lemon juiceOriginal…

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  • 300+ Romantic names for Muslim women and meaning

    Muslims make up a significant parr of the planet with a populace in about 49 countries. They are individuals who have declared convictions In islam. In this article, we’ll share with you some beautiful names for Muslim women and their meaning. Romantic names for Muslim women Islam teaches that God is merciful, supreme and special and as devotees, they love…

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  • Modern Kente styles for engagement: 100+ Styles

    Fashion plays a major role in every event today, especially weddings. Everyone including the groom can’t wait to see the apparel his wife-to-be would wear for their big-day. There are various modern Kente styles for engagement events and weddings as well as traditional functions. One major thing that makes the ceremony outstanding is the theme colour for the day. To…

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  • Ben and Betty Hairstyles: Trending Hairstyles

    Ben and Betty Hairstyles When we talk about benny and betty hairstyles, ben and betty styles, benny and betty braids, ben and betty hairstyle, ben and betty hairstyle for adults; This is what we mean.If your clients would like to try a benny and betty hairstyles for a moment or they are suffering hair thinning or balding, wearing hair pieces…

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  • Types of birthmarks and their meanings

    welcome dear reader, today I will talk about 14 types of birthmarks and their meanings. From ages, Birthmarks have fascinated people; some say it’s a sign of your past life, while others claim it has a spiritual implication on your life on earth. What is the spiritual meaning of birthmarks? Birthmarks on each body part mean something different. A mark on…

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  • Relaxed Hair Vs Blown Out Hair, What’s The Difference?

    The distinction between a relaxer and a blowout as nouns is that a relaxer is any substance that induces relaxation, but a blowout is an unexpected puncture of a pneumatic tire. Relaxed hair The texture of the hair and the hair strands become looser when the hair is broken down. Curls in the hair are permanently straightened. Most people who…

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  • Meet The Lady With The Longest Natural Hair In Nigeria

    The length of this woman’s hair must astonish you, and while you could assume that it is not her natural hair, there is no need to be alarmed because it is. She goes by the name Lindsay Ijeoma Chris and is the Nigerian woman with the longest hair. According to Lindsay, she only took six years to get her hair…

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  • The Damage Bleaching Can Cause To The Body

    Bleaching seems to be a norm today. Many black African women see light skin colour as more beautiful than dark colours. This has pushed many women to the extreme of buying all sorts of creams and products to tone and lighten their skin colour. There are many side effects of bleaching which need to be considered. Skin bleaching is the…

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