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  • What is a traditional man? What it means to be ‘a traditional man’

    What is a traditional man, or What it means to become a traditional man, I’ll say is largely base on the context of discussion. The term “traditional man” is simply a man who is really entrenched and grounded in aged long believes and practices. He abides strictly to the cultural principles of what a man should and should not do. He strongly…

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  • Fertile days for baby boy using Ovulation calculators

    Sperm, provided by the male, has an X (girl) or Y (boy) sex-linked chromosome. The Y chromosome from the father’s sperm combines with the mother’s X chromosome (in her egg) to result in a male child (XY). But what are the Fertile days for baby boy using Ovulation calculators? Factors that favour the conception of a boy or a girl Now that we’ve…

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  • Consuming okra water for labor sake isn’t necessary – Physicians

    Experienced Physicians have debunked the believe that eating okra or drinking okra water, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy could make labour and delivery easier for women. Based on the experts, the widely believed idea that okra can help a woman have an easy birth is a myth as there has not been any documented scientific evidence of its…

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  • Miscarry one Twin heavy bleeding – Vanishing twin syndrome

    Miscarry one Twin heavy bleeding: Sometimes the term “vanishing twin” is used for any pregnancy in which one baby in a multiple pregnancy is lost while the other survives, even if the twin has not technically vanished. Usually, the term is reserved for a twin that vanishes in the first trimester. What is vanishing twin syndrome? Vanishing twin syndrome is…

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  • Blessed Family: Characteristics Of A Blessed Family

    We are celebrating the Family Month. It is our hope that God will visit every family and bring fresh blessings and breakthrough, in the name of Jesus. God will visit the singles and plant them in their homes, in Jesus name!  Psalm 128:1-6 (AMP), summarises what you find in a blessed family.  BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, to be envied) is everyone…

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