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  • 30+ Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

    Graduation is a colossal achievement in everybody’s life. One of the most incredible ways of praising your companion or relative on their achievement is to give them a smart, high quality present. But then, you first need to have a Graduation gift ideas to make it superb. Graduation Gift Ideas, How to go about them It very well may be…

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  • Anticipate “The Wedding of His Bride” by Phronesis

    The Phronesis(SOLF Drama Group) presents an art and poetry concert tagged “THE WEDDING.” It’s a story of how much Christ loves the church despite the flaws, mistake and erros of the Bride (Church). It matters how we the church (Bride) sees ourselves because if we do not see ourselves as he (Christ) sees us, then our view of us is…

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