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  • Blanket worm treatment: Home remedies to get rid of blanket worm

    Several kinds of pests invade your home in monsoon; you are sure to have observed a deluge of flies, creepy crawlies, mosquitos, and such suddenly rampage your home, especially if your surroundings are covered in greenery. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of blanket worm from your home. What is a Blanket Worm? Lymantria dispar Linnaeus, commonly…

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  • A Guide to Using Postcards to Market Property Management Services

    Postcards are an amazing tool to market property management services and a broad range of other real estate businesses. They are straightforward to create and mail and the recipients find them convenient to store for later reference. They are also cost-effective, enabling amateur marketers to create successful campaigns within a small budget. However, knowing how to use property management postcards…

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  • Secret codes to get free data on safaricom

    Welcome, Today I am going to to show you tricks how to get free unlimited Safa Safaricom data bundles. This post is only for Safaricom users, sorry for other subscribers but Soon I will be coming with a trick how to get free bundles on other lines.  You can use the free data bundles to watch YouTube videos or download apps from…

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  • How to make money online and Offline in 2023

    If you have been searching for a side hustle or a new business idea to start-up, I bet you must have asked/search on google How to make money online. Making money online is pretty straightforward if you know just what you are doing. You can work at the comfort of your home full-time or part-time. In this article, I’ll be…

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  • How to make money with ChatGPT in 2023

    The OpenAI-developed GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) language model has a variation called ChatGPT. Based on a given stimulus, it is made to produce text that resembles that of a human. It is not meant to be a means of generating income. However, How to make money with ChatGPT has been on the minds of people and that is what this…

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  • How to identify a cultist or cult yourself easily

    If you are among those wondering/asking how to identify a cultist then you are on he right page. Well, it can be difficult to identify a cultist, as cults often attempt to hide their true nature or identity and manipulate their members into staying with the group. However, here are some signs that someone may be involved with a cult:…

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  • How to Grow and Care for Your Swiss Cheese Plant

    The Swiss Cheese Plant, also known as the Monstera deliciosa, is a species of flowering plant native to tropical rainforests in Central and South America. It is called the Swiss Cheese Plant because the leaves have large, irregular holes that resemble swiss cheese. The Swiss cheese plant is a popular houseplant because it’s relatively easy to care for. This plant is native to tropical…

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