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  • When is Black Panther 2 coming out, release date and more?

    When is Black Panther 2 coming out? Later this year, Black Panther 2 will hit theaters, and we’ve now seen a couple rounds of footage—enough to ferret out some information about the hotly anticipated sequel. Followingg the terrible passing of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020, the first trailer, which was released on July 23, 2022 at Comic-Con during Marvel’s epic…

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  • One Piece chapter 1057 release date and time

    Soon, One Piece Chapter 1057 release date and time will be available. One Piece Chapter 1057 release date, time, and One Piece Chapter Summary have been on the minds of the majority of fans. On this page, we’ve updated all the information related to One Piece Chapter 1057 for you. One Piece chapter 1057 release date and time One Piece,…

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  • What is OnlyFans? Review, What parents need to know

    OnlyFans reported an increase in sign-ups early March 2020. However, there are concerns about the negative impact of OnlyFans as more underage persons are using this platform to sell sexually explicit content of themselves to make money. What then is onlyfans all about and how to restrict your kids from abusing the platform. What is OnlyFans? OnlyFans is an online…

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  • Review: is it legit or scam? How to Make Money on Vocal

    Are you a content creator and constantly looking for new ways of making money online. I’ll share with you about making money on Here are the things you’ll learn in this post: What isIs Vocal legit?How works What Vocal + isHow to make money on Vocal.mediaVocal open challenges What is Vocal media is a United…

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  • Vawulence meaning in nigeria: What is the meaning of vawulence?

    Alot of Slangs have been Trending in Nigeria and the slang ‘Vawulence‘ is among them. Nigeria is a home where almost everything trends, ranging from dance, to act, name them. Find out Vawulence meaning as well as what comrade means I’m this article as you continue reading… Vawulence meaning – What does Vawulence Slang in Nigeria? Vawulence meaning: Vawulence is…

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  • The first cave restaurant in Nigeria, location, photos, menu,

    A Cappadocia-themed restaurant has been opened in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, offering its customers the unusual experience of being in Cappadocia without stepping foot in Turkey. The restaurant is designed with a cave concept, makes customers feel as if they are visiting Turkey via videos of Cappadocia projected over the walls. While discussing with Anadolu Agency, owner of the…

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  • Joe Rogan Height and weight: How tall is Joe Rogan?

    What is the height of Joe Rogan? Joseph James Rogan is an American comedian born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. He is also a podcast host, actor, television presenter, and UFC color commentator. Joe began his career in August 1988 that led him to television. In 1994 he signed a contract deal with Disney, he appeared in…

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  • What Happened to Amber Heard?

    I’m sure you must have heard the name Amber Heard? So much has happened in the life of Amber Heard. The court case between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp played out in all of its Livestream infamy recently and ended with a decisive victory by team Depp. After since the trial ended, there have been questions about what happens to…

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  • Why was Ishowspeed banned from YouTube?

    What happened to ishowspeed? IShowSpeed, who has built a large followership in millions, on all his social media platforms, had been banned from YouTube on July 22, 2022. The question on alot of people’s mind is why was he banned from the platform? Now that’s what we’ll be discussing on this page. Darren Watkins Jr., has been streaming content for…

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  • Banny meaning in Pidgin Language

    What is the meaning of ‘Banny’ in Nigerian pidgin language? The word ‘Banny’ simply means ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘Beautiful Girl’ in the normal Nigerian pidgin language. It’s a slang word that’s mostly used to describe a beautiful young girl or girlfriend. For example: If i asked, Who is your banny? i mean who is your girlfriend? Is that your Banny? Meaning:…

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