• Alaba International Market – Everything you need to know

    In Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria, there is an electronics market called Alaba International Market. It is Nigeria’s biggest electronics market. The market also engages in the repair of household appliances in addition to the sale of electronic goods. Alaba International Market Electronics and electrical experts that specialize in the repair of broken home appliances have opportunities to conduct business with…

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  • Ifako Ijaiye Postcode: Your No. 1 Definitive List.

    A extremely populated part of Lagos’ metropolitan city is Ifako Ijaiye. Without the proper Ifako Ijaiye Postcode, getting your mail where and when you want it might be a difficult challenge (Zip code). Worry no more, we’ve got you covered! The Ifako Ijaiye Postcode (Zip Code) is available here. ALSO READ: DOWNLOAD Maverick City Music – Breathe EP Album |…

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  • How Ethiopia Stayed Uncolonized

    Ethiopia is one of the two countries that were not colonised by the Europeans. Ethiopia has always been an independent empire. In the late 19th century, when many European countries took over African territories, Ethiopia was still exempted. The Europeans would have benefitted greatly from the resources of Ethiopia if they had gained control over it. But how was Ethiopia…

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  • Auckland Diwali Festival of Light

    The Auckland Diwali Festival has grown to become New Zealand’s premier Indian cultural festival. It’s a free, family-friendly event held every year in October. The Auckland Diwali Festival is delivered by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited on behalf of Auckland Council, with founding partner Asia New Zealand Foundation. Mayor Phil Goff says: “After two years of cancellations because of COVID-19, it is…

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  • New Zealand Beaches Black-Sand

    The Nature of these beaches is so beautiful, infact one must confess that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. New Zealand Beaches Black Sand will be discussed in this article. The rugged volcanic black-sand beaches, rocky clifftops and dramatic coastline draw surfers, artists, families and celebrities alike. Mostly, we usually identity the color of the beach with ‘sand…

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  • Orania South Africa: Currency, Jobs, Everything to know

    Orania South Africa has existed for a long time; it is more like a state within a state that practices apartheid. The idea is that while apartheid is no longer used in South Africa, Orania continues to act in a racist manner. Orania South Africa town The town may have been existed for a while, but social media users and…

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  • Best countries for Nigerians to migrate or relocate to

    Many people have emigrated from Nigeria in search of greener climes and better chances, while others are still considering it. According to data, migration from the African continent to industrialized countries are mostly from Nigeria. Around 20,000 Nigerians are said to have traveled across the Mediterranean Sea in 2016 alone. According to a 2020 report from the Centre for Global…

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  • 15 of Lagos most popular billboards

    Potential customers are engaged through billboards, which are one of the traditional advertising market’s largest segments. The importance of billboard advertising is unchanged today. The goal of billboard advertising is to instantly grab someone’s attention and leave them with a lasting impression so they will continue to think about it after they have driven or walked past it. Since they…

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  • The Most Banned Dog Breeds In The World

    Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they weren’t always like this. Some descendants of wolves never really got domesticated as well as others. That’s why we ended up with breeds as sweet as the golden retrievers and ones as deadly as the Bully Kutta. Many species are, in fact, banned in countries because of how aggressive they can get.…

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  • 12 Pro Tips On How To Overcome Going Late To Church

    No body ever loves going to work late especially due to the possible fines you might incur. That should also apply to our service to our God. Also, just like meeting up with regular appointments in life, going to church is one sacred appointment that believers are earnestly encouraged to meet up to, as the Bible urged us “Not to…

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