• How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps

    Nigeria’s general elections is slated for February 25, 2023. Ever since the 2019 elections, approximately 20 million Nigerians have turned 18 and are now eligible to vote. While every Nigerian citizen has the right to vote, logistical obstacles can prevent them from exercising it. One of the most important steps in the voting process can be taken right now, though,…

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  • How to stop loan Apps from accessing your contacts

    A lot of people are seriously complaining that loan apps get access to their contacts and send embarrassing messages to their contacts. How to stop loan Apps from accessing your contacts will be explained in this article. There is a way to go around it. You can take a loan and even when you default your contacts won’t be available…

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  • List of fake loan companies in Nigeria – Top 30

    Today, so many people in Nigeria are looking for ways to get loans online or offline, and because of this, so many fake loan companies in Nigeria have risen. These loan companies/apps promise to loans you but they end up scamming you. These fake loan companies have their apps everywhere on social media and play stores. They lure people by…

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  • Apple wedding ring: Is Apple making smart wedding rings to track your partner?

    Tech giant, Apple Technologies is rumored to be working on a new project which can be describe as what one can call ‘Apple wedding ring‘ – it is believed to help you know your partner’s location, where they have been, and if they take the ring off. But is it true, find our more in the article. Apple wedding ring…

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  • What is cec 2019 ready? Everything you need to know

    Best Answer sourced online for cec 2019 ready: CEC is California’s new emission standards for electrical efficiency. Creating a Forcing Function for Storage. What is cec 2019 ready? The CEC also notes that the amount of rooftop solar should “not substantially exceed the home’s electricity use” since the excess sold back into the grid is worth substantially less than that…

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  • Stray cat (video game) out now

    Stray is a 2022 adventure video game created by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The story depict a stray cat who falls into a walled city populated by robots, machines, and viruses, and sets out with the help of a drone companion B-12 to go back to the surface. The game is designed through a third-person perspective. The…

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  • WhatsApp Poll: How to conduct a poll on WhatsApp (5 Steps)

    WhatsApp has introduced a poll feature for both Android and iOS. Now one can conduct polls for both group and individual chats. One can add up to 12 options on the poll. Although, this amazing feature is yet not available on WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp poll features – How it works A users who received the poll in a personal chat…

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  • Stopped watch superstition: 5 Myths & Beliefs of a Stopped watch

    If you have ever used a wrist or wall clock, then at least once you’ll definitely faced such a problem as stopped watch. This action does not cause anything surprising if the winding of the watch initially has a certain period of work. When they are on batteries, it can also be assumed that their charge has simply ended. But if…

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  • Is Sendit Anonymous on Snapchat: Everything you should know

    Sendit is a Snapchat add-on, which can be incorporated into your Snapchat app. This amazing features offers games on the platform. The feature allowed to play with your friends anonymously. But recently, there have been doubts whether Sendit is anonymous or not. So if you’re asking ‘Is Sendit Anonymous on Snapchat? Then you’re on the right page as I’ll share…

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  • How to Get Free Unlimited Safaricom Data Bundles

    Hi everybody. Today I am going to tell you deceives the best way to get free limitless Safaricom information packs. This post is just for Safaricom clients, sorry for different supporters yet Soon I will be accompanying a stunt how to get free packages on different lines. You can utilize the free information groups to watch YouTube recordings or download…

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