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Christians Are Not Ment To Obey The 10 Commandments -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Christians are not ment to obey the 10 commandments for it has been abolished says Pastors Chris Oyakhilome. In a speech made by the president of loveworld inc.

Pastor Chris stressed that Christ has abolished the 10 commandments. According to him, when God gave Moses the commandments to deliver to the people of Israel, God also specify some directives to them regarding the commandments.

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The coming of Jesus was to fulfill the law i.e upgrade or make full meaning of the law.In his conclusions, Jesus Christ came to abolish the law and establish grace for everyone to partake of.


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In Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s words:

“Sometimes when we study the bible, if we are not careful we can miss a lot of things because of lack of understanding of certain facts. For example, in the teaching of Jesus, what are those things in his teachings that are applicable to us and what are those things in his teachings that are not applicable to us, even though they are nice and beautiful?

And then, if they are not exactly applicable to us, what do we gain from them?It’s like the 10 commandments, you know some christians says “I obey the commandments.” Well, the bible tells us that you are not supposed to obey the 10 commandments. Now when you say that, an unlearned christian gets irritated.

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He says, “It is fundamental, the 10 commandments is sense knowledge. He is just trying to cover up his spiritual bankruptcy. “The 10 commandments were given to Moses when the old covenant was ratified for the children of Israel.God gave the 10 commandments to his servant Moses to deliver to the people and then gave him other ordinances, by which the nation of Israel should live.

When Jesus came, according to the Scriptures, he fulfilled the law and abolished it.”

What’s your take on this answer by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

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