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Covid-19: FG removes midnight curfew and crowd restrictions at weddings, events and others


The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on Covid-19, has made some major changes after reviewing it’s restrictions it made on covid-19 to curb cases. Changes were also made few days back by FG on international travel guidelines for passengers and airlines.

In an issued statement, dated April 2, the Committee briefed pressmen that the review became necessary as a result of the declining number of cases in the country, reduced risk of importation of new variants, as well as the availability of vaccines and the increasing number of people vaccinated in Nigeria and globally.

The statement read in part: “States should continue to consider them as the minimum guidelines required to ensure an acceptable level of epidemic control nationwide.“Use of face mask to be mandatory for indoor activities, but at individual’s discretion during outdoor activities; those aged 60 and above, or with co-morbidities such as diabetes and cardio-vascular disease, are advised to uphold the use of universal precaution, which includes the use of face mask, avoid crowds and frequent use of hand sanitisers”.

In this new guideline, there are no more formal restrictions on movement within the country as the nationwide curfew imposed from 12 midnight to 4 am has been lifted.

The advisory limiting Nigerians to essential travels only has been lifted, although citizens are advised to refrain from non-essential movement and comply with non-pharmaceutical interventions guidelines such as the mandatory use of facemask/facial coverings in public, given the risks involved.

In the aspect of industry and labour, the committee recommended virtual meetings by offices for the private sector and advised against large meetings. It asked operators to decongest offices and ensure they were well-ventilated. The committee also said normal work by all staff should resume in all offices, while encouraging measures to reduce congestion such as working from home or on-and-off days.

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The Presidential Steering Committee went further to suggest the compulsory use of face masks in closed offices and recommended safety protocol for all persons and discretionary use of appropriate measures.


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