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Daddy Hikima is unarguably one of the famous kannywood actors. He’s the producer of the trending movie ‘A Duniya’ amongst other hit movie. Daddy Hikima is not his real name. Continue reading to find out more interesting things about him.

Profile Summary

Full nameAdam Abdullahi Adam
NicknamesDaddy Hikima, Abale
Date of birthN/A
State of originKano state
Marital statusSingle
CareerMovie Producer, Actor and Nursing Doctor.
Net worthN/A


Adam Abdullahi Adam popularly called Daddy Hikima was born and raised in Kumbotso local government area of Kano State, Nigeria. He is not only an actor, he is also a nursing doctor as he attended School of nursing science in Kano State.


He attended Sheka primary school and then he attended Dawakin Tofa college in Kano State for his junior and senior secondary school. With these successful study career he later join tertiary institution where he study nursing science in school of nursing Kano State.

Dadi Hikima usually have a bold and fearless appearance in his movies such as A Duniya, Haram and Labarina. But luckly enough he is now even producing a hausa film like Makota.


How old is Daddy Hikima?

His age is not yet available but as soon as we get more information about him we will update this page.


• A duniya
• Haram
• Boxing
• Iyyali Na
• Labarina
• Farin Wata
• Na Ladidi


My respect to my mother is the key to my success – Actor Daddy Hikima reveals

Daddy Hikima

Adamu Abdullahi Adamu (Daddy Hikima), the legendary long-distance actor of ‘A Duniya’, says that being safe with his mother is the key to his success in Kannywood. The actor, made the remarks in an interview with Film magazine on car donation by renowned singer Dauda Abdullahi Kahutu (Rarara).

He said, “I know I am with success at any time because of the way I respect my mother, I am proud of her. I know that God willing, I can do anything in my life by the grace of God. He says his mother’s prayers are a protection against any setbacks in his life.

Rarara presented Daddy Hikima with the car when Zinariya Company honored Rarara in his office for his contribution to the development of the Hausa film industry. Expressing his happiness over the award, Daddy Hikima told Film magazine that even in a dream he did not think of getting such a gift (Car).

He told our correspondent that they met Rarara through producer Bashir Maishadda, as a result of Rarara’s love for him.On how Rarara gave him this gift, the actor said, “Everything belongs to God. Not long ago I had an accident in my car, and here was a gift I never expected (car gift).

We went to the film festival where I was starring in A Duniya Film (The World) and Rarara will be honored for the one year anniversary of the film. Finally, he advised his fellow heroes to focus on keeping their film career seriously so that they can benefit others and their parents and even the developing country’s children whenever they get glory.

Daddy Hikima
Daddy Hikima
Daddy Hikima

Meet Shuibu Kumurci and Daddy Hikima, the two renowned Kannywood movies villains

Shuibu Lawan Kumurci and Daddy Hikima are two of the most established filmakers in Hausa film industry. The duo have become well known for their love of villain roles in films.

They are also among the most sought after Kannywood celebrities; they have always demonstrated scintillating performances. Shuibu Kumurci is a household name in Northern Nigeria, the actor has remain evergreen since his debut more than two decades ago. He is the most famous villain character in Hausa cinema.

The legendary actor is among the Pioneer thespians of the entertainment industry. He is among the stakeholders who worked round the clock to see the industry improved for the better.

Therefore, his contribution in the Industry can’t be overemphasised.Some of his memorable films include, ‘Jumurda’, ‘Unguwar Zoma’, ‘Gobe Da Nisa’, ‘Kwana Uku’, ‘Shu’uma’ and ‘Gobe Da Nisa’.Daddy Hikima is another prominent actor in the heart of Kannywood. The thespian has been described as zealous.

He had worked in numerous departments of the industry before becoming a full pledge actor. His love for villain role has made him to become a high plier in the industry.

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