David Benaym: Know About The Husband of Late Dancer, Danny Tidwell


On March 6, 2020, David Benaym lost his husband Danny Tidwell in a car accident. The 45-year-old correspondent for i24News named David Benaym. Although he was born in France, he has spent more than 20 years reporting on American politics.

David Benaym: Know About The Husband of Late Dancer, Danny Tidwell

He has received nominations for award ceremonies such as the Emmys. On i24, David Benaym provides both French and English language news coverage. The Emmy nominee began reporting on American political events in 1999.


When was David Benaym born?

David Benaym was born in France on August 22, 1974. He was raised in France and completed his education at Lycée Parc Imperial. He also completed his college education in France. David finished his education in France from 1988 to 1998 before moving to USA.

David Benaym’s Family:

Benaym lost his mother when he was just 18 years old, which was 27 years ago. He adored his mum and frequently posted on Instagram about how much he missed her. He claimed in a post that his mother provided him with advice, enthusiasm, and encouragement. He claimed that although he misses her much, she would be happy to be there.

Along with a nephew named Élie, Rivka and Lilah Rose are David’s other nieces and nephews.

Education of David Benaym

Benaym studied in a university in France. Additionally, he relocated to America where he began a job in journalism and pursued his education.

Educational Degree

1989 – 1992 High School (Baccalaureat B ) Lycée Parc Imperial
1992 – 1994 BA, Communication d’Entreprise IUT Info-Com
1994 – 1998 BA, Press, Radio, TV ESJ Paris
1999 – 1999 Journalism, Communication American University

David Benaym: Know About The Husband of Late Dancer, Danny Tidwell

Benaym’s Professional career:

In the United States, David Benaym is currently a correspondent for i24NEWS. He worked at a number of other places in France and the US before landing this position. After arriving in the country, he spent a year working as a producer and reporter for an ABC affiliate in Washington, DC. He also worked as a press correspondent in New York City, where he covered US current affairs and the presidential election. David worked at La Libre Belgique for more than two years in this position.

He also held comparable positions as a correspondent and producer for different news networks. Prior to working for i24News, he was employed by Movmnt. David Benaym and his late wife co-founded this urban lifestyle publication.

He has been employed by i24NEWS for more than 5 years at this time. He has also received Emmy nominations for his work as a correspondent.

David Benaym’s Net worth

In the USA, David Benaym has worked for numerous TV networks. Along with his late husband Danny Tidwell, he also launched his own magazine. His estimated US net worth is between $500,000 and $800,000.

The average yearly pay for a journalist based in the United States is projected to be $44,477. David, however, has been employed in this industry for many years, indicating that it is apparent he makes more money than the ordinary employee.

David Benaym: Know About The Husband of Late Dancer, Danny Tidwell

Instagram of Benaym

The official David Benaym Instagram account is @benaym. In June 2012, he signed up for Instagram. He owns a pug as a pet. On Instagram, Benaym has exactly 1,200 posts and more than 1500 followers.

The pug has a name of Frenchy, and David has an Instagram page just for it. He previously had a puppy named powerful before Frenchy. Instagram is replete with images of David grinning and having a good time.
David Benaym loves to take selfies:

Every day, people may be seen shooting self-portrait images of themselves in public places. Benaym, though, enjoys taking selfies both alone himself and with his pals. He also enjoys posting pictures to Instagram and other social media. If you are close to him, it’s most likely that he has a selfie with you on Instagram.

David Benaym and Danny Tidwell’s relationship:

About six years had passed since David Benaym and Danny Tidwell got married. From May 2014 till Danny Tidwell’s passing on March 6, 2020, they were wed.

He publicly announced their marriage by sharing a photo of their wedding bands on Instagram.

David Benaym’s eulogy for Danny Tidwell, his late husband:

David Benaym posted images of his late husband on a tribute page following the passing of Danny Tidwell. On March 6, 2020, Danny Tidwell was killed in a car accident while he and his friend were traveling back from work.

David stated the following in a touching Instagram tribute post:

“He had such an impact on the dance world, life gave him so much to deal with from a young age. I will write more about you Danny, tell your story, continue your legacy, make sure that you are not forgotten, that you are celebrated. An angel with no wings you said you were, you were flying all along, and you’ll be our guardian angel from now on.“

Furthermore, he added,

“I love you, I’ll forever miss you. You’re now in peace, mon Danny, and I know you know how much you were loved. “

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