Diana Lovejoy: Her Life After Her Imprisonment – What Is She Doing Now?

In one of the most horrific and terrifying crimes in American history, Diana Lovejoy was the main suspect. Greg Mulvihill, her ex-husband, accused Diana of a botched murder attempt. She contacted Greg in Carlsbad to a deserted area using an unknown number. There, he was the target of an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Diana Lovejoy

Diana Lovejoy’s Early Years

Diana Lovejoy was a fitness coordinator who occasionally uploaded different YouTube videos. She also competed in a variety of triathlons. Most of her YouTube tutorials showed us how to cook a quick and wholesome meal using various homemade ingredients.


However, after she was proven guilty, she changed into the person who attempted to murder her own son’s father.

Diana and Greg were married for seven years. Diana experienced 8 miscarriages during her seven years of pregnancy. Diana struggled with her health for a while before giving birth to her baby. But the couple’s divorce was brought on by a number of challenges at home and rising tensions.

Diana Lovejoy

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Disputes Diana and Greg had

In June 2014, Diana filed for divorce from Greg. For two years, the court heard testimony in their divorce case. She was granted full custody of his son following the submission of the necessary paperwork.

Greg, on the other hand, was permitted to see his son for a few hours while it was being closely watched. Later, Greg requested joint custody of his son from the court.

Diana Lovejoy

Diana said in court that Greg had assaulted her son both physically and sexually. However, throughout the investigation it was found that she was untrue, therefore the court decided to award them joint custody of their son.

Diana and Greg were ordered to share custody of their son by the court in the summer of 2016. Additionally, she must pay 100 dollars per month in child support. She previously had to give her ex-husband his portion of the family home in Carlsbad, which was worth $120,000.

Lovejoy was forced to sell her Encinitas condo as a result in order to pay Greg the hefty sum of money.

On September 4, 2016, a mysterious number called Greg. The caller happens to be a private investigator, he called to share some private information with Greg concerning their divorce struggle. Jason Kovach, a friend of Greg’s, and they proceeded to the Avenida Soledad dirt trail.

He was shot at the location, but because the bullet missed his heart, he was spared the fatal assassination.

Diana’s Sentence to Jail

Diana Lovejoy

Following the investigation, it was discovered that Diana and Weldin McDavid had intended to murder Greg. Because she didn’t want to give Greg $120,000 or split custody of her son, she made an attempt to assassinate her ex-husband.

Diana and McDavid were both determined to be guilty of the offense. While Greg received a 50-year prison term, she received a 26-year sentence. Diana’s aunt testified in court that her niece requested someone who could terrorize or kill Greg. This became a strong evidence against them.

Diana passed out in the courtroom after learning of her sentence. Additionally, both of them were required to pay Greg $500,000 in punitive damages.

Where is Diana Lovejoy Today?

Diana has been detained at the women’s prison in Chowchilla since February 2018. Diana Lovejoy was at the peak of her YouTube career when she made the decision to assassinate the father of her only child.

Unfortunately, the long arm of the law has caught up with her, and she is paying dearly for the crime. Her story is a life lesson to all those planning to commit such a crime in the future.

Who is Diana Lovejoy?

Diana was born in 1975, she is 47 years old in 2022. Details of her parents, siblings, and early life are under wraps. She is an American national. For her high school education, she enrolled at Mountain View High School in California. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University of California.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in literature, psychology, music, and French. So what did Diana Lovejoy do for a living? After completing her university education, she was hired by Nokia to work as a technical writer. She worked for the company for four years.

Before the sentencing, she worked as a fitness instructor and YouTuber. She worked as a personal trainer and a coach in the triathlon games. Diana regularly uploaded videos on quick and healthy meals for when you’re on the go on her YouTube channel.

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