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Does eating Suya Cause Cancer?

SUYA is Nigeria’s favourite barbeque, which is processed red meat, is prepared by barbeque and seasoned with salt, pepper, onions and groundnut powder. Kilishi, the drier version of suya, is also preserved with seasoning, same for bush meat preserved for sales along highways or busy corners/joints in wait for buyers.

suya, could cause cancer, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has indicated in its much-awaited report on the link between red meat and the disease.


According to a fresh report published by the BBC, processed meat is defined as meat that “has been modified to increase its shelf-life or alter its taste – such as by smoking, curing or adding salt or preservatives”. It also included that high temperature cooking, such as on a barbeque, can generate carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals.

The report by WHO claimed that 50g of processed meat a day – less than two slices of bacon – increased the chance of developing colorectal cancer by 18%.

However, World Health Organization also said red meat is “probably carcinogenic” but there was not much evidence, but stressed that meat also had health benefits.

Now, the WHO has concluded by following the advice of its International Agency for Research on Cancer, which assesses the best available scientific evidence. It has now included processed meat in the same category as plutonium, but also alcohol as they definitely do cause cancer. Note that, this does not mean they are equally dangerous. A bacon sandwich is not as bad as smoking.

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Suya ‘can give you cancer’, Aproko Doctor claims

Aproko Doctor

Twitter physician Chinonso Egemba also known as the Aproko Doctor has claimed that Suya causes cancer. The doctor explains the process and instruments involved in making the delicacy not hygienic therefore making it unsafe for consumption.

However, he has given advice on alternate ways to eat meats.

He tweeted: “I know you think I’m here to remove the last piece of joy in your life but there is no easy way to do this. Suya can give you cancer.

When you burn meat over open flames, it creates chemicals known as polycyclic, aromatic, hydrocarbons or heterocyclic imines. These particular compounds may get activated by certain enzymes in your body that ends up damaging your DNA. Damage to this DNA- cancer.

On safer ways to eat meat, he said: “Ensure that your meat is not cooked over open flames. You can air fry your met, or grill it in the oven when it is not over open flames.“Remove the burnt side of the meat because they are exposed. They contain higher concentration of these compounds. Eat smaller portions of grilled meat.”

Photos of Suya Meat

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