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Download All Kaestrings Songs Here (Mp3 + Mp4)


Kaestrings is a worshipper, song writer and producer with a unique and melodious voice. His music genre is spirit lifting and inspiring. Kaestrings is one of the leading young gospel artist from the Northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna – Zaria.

He’s a singer in Koinonia Church also known as Eternity Network International (ENI).Kaestrings songs are always a blessing. His hit song, Gha shi nan, ever since it’s released has been a blessing and is still a blessing to millions of lives out there.

Kaestrings songs
Kaestrings songs

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You can download Kaestrings songs here by clicking on the download link below. Kaestrings songs links to download.

1. He’s Here (Gashinan) Download

2. Love (menayi da ka so ni haka) Download

3. Your great name (Yesu) Download

4. Forever Yours (Kaunar Ka) Download

5. With Me (Kana tare da ni)

6. Inajiranka

7. No fear in love Download

8. Haske by Kaestrings

9. You’re my God by Kaestrings ft Minister K.I

10. The Motive by Kaestrings Download

You can follow Kaestrings on his official social media accounts listed below:
Facebook – facebook.com/kaestrings Instagram – instagram.com/kaestrings
Twitter – twitter.com/kaestrings
YouTube – youtube.com/kaestringsmusic


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