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Dr. Becky Enenche Biography, Age, Family, Children, Husband, Career


Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu, popularly known as Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche, was born on October 23rd 1970. Just like her husband, Pastor Dr. Paul Idoko Enenche, she is a trained medical doctor by profession but is now a full-time preacher of the gospel, a christian author, televangelist, music minister and educationist. She is the co-founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Worldwide, with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria – a ministry with millions of worshipers across the globe. 

Dr. Becky Enenche Biography

Dr. Becky Enenche was a medical doctor before entering into full-time ministry. Dr. Becky is the wife of the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center Worldwide, headquarters located in Abuja. She is a erudite in the education sector and of course in ministry.



Dr. Becky Enenche is a native of Ikachi, Oju Local Government, Benue State, Nigeria. She was born on October 23rd, 1970.

Becky Enenche

Dr. Becky Career

Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche is an excellent speaker, Author, Preacher, a model, and Mother. She is the youth pastor of DIGC, Abuja. Dr. Becky Enenche is the Director of Destiny Academy and Destiny College with the church as the owner. She is also the Director of Administration of DIGC, Abuja.

DIGC has a school called Dunamis International School, a renowned Christian School. The school is known for raising students in the fear and wisdom of God. They have Creche, Nursery, and Primary classes and operates day-care services.


Dr. Becky is known for her deep communication of the word of God and the presence of God. The ministry has the responsibility of linking humanity to God making sure successful living here on earth and shifting their attention towards eternity with God. Her ministry is characterized by also delivering women who her into prostitution. Many s*x workers have been delivered and brought to God.

She is a songwriter and her music ministry is touching many lives positively and blessing them. Dr. Becky also founded the Women Ministry at DIGC to foster unity and aid women to become better versions of themselves.

She also has the grace to minister to the sick. Also, she is a mentor for many young women especially those who do not have mothers. Dr. Becky Enenche is a strong pillar supporting the ministry of her husband.

Becky Enenche


She is the host of a monthly meeting called Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters (MASSES). This is a platform where she addresses several issues faced by women. According to her, “the state of their welfare determines the state of their spirituality”.

She also runs the “Relationship Strategic Success Secrets” (RSSS). It is a meeting that is witnessing the presence of God, healing, and guidance. It is strictly for women and young ladies.


Dr. Becky Enenche has written many books. Some of them include the following:

  • The Alabaster Box
  • Protocol of the Ark
  • 14 Secrets Plus One To A Beautiful Marriage
  • In-laws, In-loves, and Out-laws
  • Are you Bitter?

Her mentors

She has mentors that had impacted her over the years. Her ministry has been impacted by the likes of Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo who is her mentor and mother in the faith, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Arch-Bishop Benson and Margaret Idahosa, Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin and Pastor E.A Adeboye.


Dr. Becky Enenche is married to Dr. Paul Enenche and they are both blessed with Four children. She was Paul Enenche’s spiritual daughter on campus. Dr. Becky is now the Visioneer behind the seeds of Destiny, a daily devotional guide produced monthly.

 Becky Enenche

The couple is blessed with four children namely: Deborah, Daniella, Destiny, and Daniel.

Becky Enenche children

Her ministry

Her ministry is characterized by a profound release of God’s word, miracles and a palpable and tangible presence of God. Her ever- ready smile laced with words of kindness warms the hearts of those that come across her. A former practicing medical doctor, Dr. Becky is endowed with the anointing to heal the sick, help the oppressed and the depressed.

She has a heart for young people and is currently playing the role of mentor to young women who do not have mother figures in their lives. She actively supports her husband in ministry and in raising Godly children.

She runs the impactful “Relationship Strategic Success Secrets” (RSSS), a positively revolutionary meeting for women and young ladies. A meeting that has absolutely brought healing, meaning and direction to many homes, families, marriages and women. Dr Becky also has a strong passion for the deliverance of women from prostitution and as such, through her ministry, a lot of commercial sex workers have been redeemed, brought to God, rehabilitated and established financially and in several legitimate trades, and also in God, to make positive meaning out of their lives.

The ministry of Dr Becky Enenche is saddled with the responsibility of connecting humanity with God, ensuring their successful living here on earth and pointing them towards eternity with God. Her music ministry, is one remarkable area that has touched and is touching the lives of people positively and bringing them to God.

She is also a highly inspirational songwriter. Pastor Becky’s ministry alongside her husband, also makes great impact with the ‘Seeds of Destiny,’ the monthly daily devotional publication designed to boost the Christian faith. She is the Director of Destiny academy and Destiny College owned by the Church. She is also the Director of Administration of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja. 

How she met her husband

A graduate of the University of Jos Medical School in 1992. Dr. Becky and Dr. Paul Enenche’s God ordained union of purpose has been blissful for 25 years  According to her in an interview with Guardian Nigeria, Pastor Becky Paul Enenche’s biological father is a retired medical doctor and a professor of Human Physiology while her mother is also a retired university administrator an the ranks  of deputy registrar at the time of her retirement.

My primary school education was at the Ahmadu Bello University Primary School, Samaru, Zaria, and some part of it was in the United Kingdom. My secondary school was at the Federal Government Girls’ College Bakori, then in Kaduna State but now in Katsina State. I met my husband in the University of Jos where I studied. I attended a Medical Students Fellowship in 1989; my husband was the president of the school chapter at that time.

I didn’t know him; I went for the meeting, and my husband was the one preaching. We had been in the same university but I had never taken note of him. Of course he knew me because my father was a professor in the same medical school, so it’s possible everybody will know the professor’s daughter. I started before my dad came to that university though. At the end of the preaching, he made an altar call and he asked those that wanted to be on more fire for God to come out.

A lot of us came out and he prayed for all of us, then I left. He later became the National President of the Christian Medical and Dental Students’ Fellowship and by Divine arrangement then I happened to be the National Financial Secretary. We eventually got married on 16th of April 1994.”

Dress Style

The Benue State-born mother of four has been lauded many times for her modest dress sense. Mostly garbed in tastefully sewn traditional and western attire, it is worthy to note that Dr Becky loves to wear her hair natural. Just like Rebecca in the bible Pastor Mrs. Becky Paul Enenche’s idea of beauty is that of being as natural as possible.

She believes that the best of us comes out in simplicity, being as natural as possible. As an individual, I feel a lot of compassion for people who in the bid to enhance their beauty, at a younger age, have used bleaching creams and chemicals to alter their skin colour and later on down the line encounter lots of challenges with their skin. At that stage, it is irreversible.

Pastor Becky Enenche likes her clothes to be comfortable and discourages seductive dressing, seductive exposure of body parts and clinging clothes. This is a feature that her daughters, especially Deborah Enenche has emulated.

Pastor Becky is very particular about clothes not being seductive and believes that those kind of dresses should be relegated to the bedroom and the privacy of your home.

I try to encourage women in general to ensure that they do not constitute themselves into objects of temptation to lead men astray because, if a man sees you seductively dressed and lusts after you, he might not be able to carry out his lustful intentions with you but may look for someone else to carry it out on. The damnation of his sin will be recorded against your name in eternity as it would if he carried out the lust practically on you.  


FAQ About Dr. Becky Enenche

Where is Dr Becky enenche from?

Born, Rebecca (Becky) Inyangbe Ibu, on October 23rd, 1970, Dr. Becky like her husband, is a Medical Doctor turned full time preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Christ. A native of Ikachi, Oju Local Government, Benue Nigeria, Pastor Becky is a remarkable teacher and conference speaker who shows God’s love to others.

How old is Becky Eneche?

(51 years) Becky Enenche is a native of ikachi, oju local government, Benue in Nigeria.

Is Paul Enenche a Medical Doctor?

Born on June 4th, Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche is a Nigerian. He is a trained Medical Doctor, a Christian author, preacher, Minister, Televangelist, Musician and Educationist.

Paul Enenche

Who is the father of Becky enenche?

Prof. Ibu, John Odo was born in Kachi, Benue State of Nigeria. He obtained Bachelor of Science in Physiology (1st Class Hons.), ABU; MBBS from the same ABU, Zaria


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