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Elon Musk Son name, meaning, age, mother


Elon Musk’s Son X AE A-Xii Steals the Spotlight During SpaceX Video PresentationX AE A-Xii, whose mother is musician Grimes, left a memorable impression during his brief cameo on camera alongside his dad. Elon musk is having a dad moment!

The SpaceX founder, 50, gave a virtual presentation on Wednesday with his son X AE A-Xii, 18 months, making a rare public appearance by sitting on his lap. X AE A-Xii, whose mother is musician Grimes, left a memorable impression during his brief cameo on camera, saying “Hi!” and making babbling noises while waving his little arms in the air.

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After realizing he was the star of the Zoom call, baby X’s eyes grew wide and a look of surprise crossed his face, shortly before someone entered the room and whisked him away.


Musk and the Canadian singer, 33, welcomed their first child together in May 2020. Two months later, the Tesla CEO opened up about coparenting baby X with Grimes, admitting that she had a more hands-on role during his early months.

Well, babies are just eating and pooping machines, you know? Right now there’s not much I can do,” Musk told the The New York Times. “Grimes has a much bigger role than me right now.””When the kid gets older, there will be more of a role for me,” he added. Elon Musk’s 1-year-old son, X AE A-Xii, made a rare appearance when he joined the SpaceX founder during a Zoom meeting last week.

The blond tyke, whom Musk shares with ex-girlfriend Grimes, was seen perched on his dad’s lap as he called in via video chat to give an update on Starship with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Baby X said “hi” several times while joyfully flailing his arms about, making Musk, 50, giggle.

X AE A-Xii watched the screen in awe as it displayed his dad’s rocket before a man came in to carry the little one out so Musk could continue his meeting uninterrupted. Musk and Grimes, 33, mainly keep their child out of the limelight, though they did share a rare glimpse of their family life in March when Musk shared a photo of the three of them while in Texas.

Musk shared an update on Starship — a fully reusable spacecraft — while speaking at the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, but it was baby X who stole the spotlight with his charismatic personality.


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