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Encounter Jesus Ministries International (Apostle Mike Orokpo’s Ministry)


Encounter Jesus Ministries International is an impactful and life-changing ministry established in 2021, by God’s servant, Apostle Mike Orokpo. This is a dream come through for him after over 20 years of faithful service and stewardship in more than three Ministries, it has pleased the Lord to commit unto his servant, Apostle Michael Orokpo a vision and mandate.

Encounter Jesus Ministries International

The Corporate Objectives of the ministry are as follows:

  • To create a platform for encountering the Lord and furnishing his experiential knowledge in the hearts of men.
  • To expose believers to the person of the Holy spirit and guide them into enjoying the fullness of His ministry.
  • To equip believers through sound teaching of the word and doctrine until they grow into the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ.
  • To awaken love in the hearts of men, advocate for unity in the body of Christ and bring men into the reality of the mystery of oneness in the spirit.

Who is the founder of Encounter Jesus Ministries International?

The founder is Apostle Mike Orokpo. Apostle Mike Orokpowhen was the Ministry foundedthe ministry was officially founded in 2021 although, the vision has been under incubation by the Spirit of the almighty in the heart of his dear son.

Encounter Jesus Ministries International PROGRAMMES

The Ministry programs will be revealed soon as more preparations are still ungoing.

How to Attend Encounter Jesus Ministries International Services

If you plan to attend any of upcoming programmes and services, kindly contact the Public Relations Department via +2348032201096 or [email protected] for adequate information.


Encounter Jesus Ministries International BRANCHES

The ministry is yet to have branches, but the Headquarter is currently located in Abuja, Nigeria. we are sure with the great impacts Apostle Michael Orokpo has made, he already has sons scattered across the world so with time, other branches will spring forth.

Encounter Jesus Ministries International (ENI) SERMONS

Do you want to download all messages, Sermons and Teachings preached by Apostle Mike Orokpo and other Ministers, we will update the download link here very soon. Please check back in the next few days.


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Encounter Jesus Ministries International LIVE STREAMYou can follow Koinonia services online via the following:Facebook: @encounterjesusministriesint’lYoutube: @encounterjesusministriesint’l

Encounter Jesus Ministries International WEBSITE

The official website of EJMI is yet to be announced. Once it is released, you will be able to find all the ministry’s messages till date, history, full address, social media handles, and many other things.

Encounter Jesus Ministries International SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS


Please note that this is the ONLY official social media account of Eternity Network International. Also, Apostle Mike Orokpo himself is not on any social media for now. Beware of Fraudsters claiming to be him.

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Encounter Jesus Ministries International WORKFORCE

TO JOIN THE WORKFORCE, kindly reach out to the ministry using the email or phone number below for an enabling link:[email protected]@gmail.com

How to support the ministry

I also beseech you to uphold your brother and the entire commission in prayers, for to us it’s a great transition and we know transition seasons come with great warfare to destroy and to discredit. Remember, even though Jesus was the son of God, as an infant, He was vulnerable.

How to sow into the ministry

You can sow into the ministry to be a part of what God is doing in the life of his servant by first of all praying for them. You can also take part in the blessings by attending services and listening to message.

To sow monetary seed into the ministry, you can pay into the church account or come physically to pay it in the church during service days.

Apostle Micheal Orokpo Mentorship Program

Greetings Precious Saints! In response to the heartfelt requests for mentorship, we are delighted to inform you about the official commencement of the of pre-enrolment process. For those interested in enrolling in the Michael Orokpo Mentorship Program, do read till the end. The cost of enrolment is FREE!


The Michael Orokpo Mentorship Program is a comprehensive Kingdom-centred program that seeks foremost, to guide Believers into the experiential knowledge of God so their ordinations are activated. Specifically, the MOMP aims to equip Believers with Biblical principles and sound doctrine.

The aim is to build the saints of God unto maturity, guiding them to gain stature to become vessels for glory, so as to extend the influence of the Holy Spirit and the Life of Christ across all spheres.

1. TARGET AUDIENCEThe Michael Orokpo Mentorship Program is for anyone with hunger and a fervency for depths of intimacy with the Lord God first and foremost, and for kingdom relevance at such a time as this. If you sustain a passion to grow spiritually in Christ, become a friend of God and to be discipled and equipped as a Kingdom functionary in these seasons, then the Michael Orokpo Mentorship Program is tailored to meet your needs.

2. COST OF ENROLMENT IN THE MOMPParticipation in the Mentorship Program is FREE, but costly! The cost requirement is the input from your end. You are required to absolutely commit and sacrifice quality time to be mentored by God’s Servant Apostle Orokpo. Please, be advised to count the cost before joining in (Luke 14:28).


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