Ernie Carroll wife: Meet Miffy Marsh

Australian performer, writer, producer, and media personality Ernie Carrol passed away on March 30, 2022. He passed away at Racercourse Grange Aged Care, an Australian facility for the elderly. At 92 years old, he was.

Ernie Carroll wife: Meet Miffy Marsh

He was conceived in 1929 in Geelong. In Melbourne, I went to a broadcasting school.


In Geelong, he first worked for the commercial radio station 3TR and then for 3GL radio.

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In 1956, Ernie started working as a producer for Melbourne-based GTV-9, a commercial television station. The Tarax Show, their children’s television program, was produced by him.

He is well-known for providing the voice for the television puppet Ossie Ostrich in the Australian television series “Hey Hey It’s Saturday.”

Joybelle, a character with a high-pitched voice, was also created by Carroll.

Ernie Marsh adored his wife, Miffy. They have been a couple for around fifty years. Two children were a blessing for them. About his family, not much is known at the present.

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