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Familiar Spirits In Your Dreams And How To Deal With Them

It is well known that occasionally, when we are about to fall asleep, we glimpse the faces of persons who have passed away. Some people interpret this to suggest that the dead are attempting to contact the living.

Familiar Spirits In Your Dreams And How To Deal With Them

Such tradition can be harmful because the Bible makes it quite plain that the dead should not interact with the living. It has been established that the dead do not communicate with the living and that their ghosts do not interact with living people. As a result, the faces we see in our dreams are not the ghosts of the dead but rather demonic disguises. They are known as familiar spirits.


Spiritual forces frequently want to approach us and wage war against us. We will recognize them if they come as themselves and reject their solicitations. Therefore, one of the devil’s tricks is to appear to us in the form of friends, family members, deceased loved ones, etc. so that we will become loose around them. Of course, we are all aware that, often, the people we see in our dreams are not the same people we actually meet. As a result, familiar spirits include both demons wearing the masks of the deceased and demons who use the faces of people we are familiar with.

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Dealing with them is risky since they have nothing beneficial for us, regardless of how they choose to present themselves. Therefore, it is important to take familiar spirits seriously. These familiar spirits are what are employed to trick us into eating in our dreams and doing other things that we wouldn’t ordinarily do. They might look like our spouses or crushes when they interact with us, forming close bonds with us. If we genuinely knew who was distributing goods to us, we would undoubtedly reject some of them. We fall for their tricks when we don’t recognize the real people who are offering us these goods and instead think they are someone else.


Some of us may disagree, pointing to the biblical story of the prophet Samuel as evidence that the dead can interact with the living. He was summoned from the afterlife by a woman with a familiar spirit. That occurred in the old testament, so it cannot happen again in the new testament. Samuel’s spirit might be summoned because the devil had access to the places where the saints of past stayed. That, however, is no longer feasible. Now, the only way that familiar spirits can appear to us is by using people’s faces.


Even while familiar spirits exist and demons often assume human forms, it is noteworthy that they really mimicked God in doing this. Of course, the devil is powerless to produce anything; he can only corrupt what God has already accomplished. Angels frequently take the form of strangers with faces we are unfamiliar with. In the sixth dimension, right before God’s throne, we can also communicate with some saints. God utilizes this to speak to us spiritually and to bolster our relationship with him. When this occurs, we will be fortified within and be able to identify God as the cause. The involvement of God makes this an exception. The instances of familiar spirits we are discussing here have to do with encounters that don’t offer anything to us and instead make us desirous of passing away or declining spiritually. You will be able to tell the devil is at work if this happens. Additionally, the devil may take advantage of your overthinking of a deceased loved one and begin to give you sinister nighttime images.

Ways To Deal With Familiar Spirits

1. Spiritual Discernment

To continue living as Christians, we all require spiritual discernment. We must pray to God for the wisdom to realize that those we see who appear to us are no longer there. You must beg God to open your eyes so you can see these spirits exactly as they are when you are praying. Declare that the veils hiding the spirits be peeled away, allowing you to see them for who they truly are. They frequently use our empathy and use it against us when we are unable to tell right from wrong.

2. Consciously Pray Against Familiar Spirits

Never forget to pray specifically against the individual familiar spirit causing you trouble. If it’s a deceased relative, shout their names and say a prayer to prevent seeing their features in your dreams. This is crucial because it directs your prayers toward a certain goal. Inform the spirits that the dead should not interact with the living. Sometimes, even when we are aware that the people we loved the most are late, our emotions can get the best of us when they do so in our dreams. We must also pray to ward off such feelings.

3. Seek Counselling From Your Pastor And Deliverance

When a deceased loved one appears frequently in your nightmares, you must take courageous action. You don’t have to merely pray for protection against it. It is occasionally important to work with your pastor and participate in a type of deliverance. It can be a sign that the spirit of death is nearby if it occurs more frequently. At this stage, sharing it with your pastor is a crucial step.

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