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Five Places To Meet Wife Material In Nigeria

” If you are the man looking for an ‘old generation’ type of housewife who would cook and meet your every need, then you better jump on the next bus, buy foodstuffs, and travel down to your village square”.

Five Places To Meet Wife Material In Nigeria

About a week ago, we listed places you could find ‘husband material’ in Nigeria, and our male readers asked that we also tell them where they can find their better half as well.


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So, this article will do just that.

When an average Nigerian man gets to a certain age, he starts being pressured from his family and friends about when he will bring home a wife.

The truth is finding a good wife isn’t so easy like people make it seem. It can be a lot challenging to find a woman who fits into your definition of a ‘wife material,’ that is an ideal woman that fits the requirements to be your life partner and mother to your future children..

While the concept of wife material varies among men, a common ground is that a wife material is a woman who possesses the necessary skills to be the future mother to her kids and life partner.

Since finding a good wife can be difficult, we have listed five places you can go and possibly find the woman that would not only bear your surname but also your children.

1. The Village

There is a reason mothers-in-law in Nollywood films force village girls on their city-based sons.

If you are the man looking for an “old generation” type of housewife who would cook and meet your and your children’s every need, then you might want to travel to the village.

Getting married to a village woman gives you an assurance that she will be less materialistic and will probably not ask for a divorce after a month of the wedding, which happens to be a trend.

2. Wake-Keep Ceremony

Please note that a wake-keep is distinct from a funeral reception. Although wake-keep ceremonies are known as sad moments, you can also meet some ladies as their natural selves there.

No woman is careless enough to show up wearing heavy makeup or designer clothes. So, this would be your best time to identify ladies who are naturally beautiful.

3. Market

If you are the type of man who gives much attention to finances, then this is the best place you can find wife material.

You can simply decide to go to the market and observe the ladies who are transacting there. Closely observe their skill at bargaining because this will help you know how she’ll be able to use as little as #500 to prepare a pot of soup.

4. Salons

Privacy is a factor that contributes to the growth of every marriage. If you are looking for a woman who can keep secrets, then a women’s salon is the best place to go.

Based on the observations of many, the salon is where most secrets are exposed. So if you walk into a salon and notice a woman who isn’t babbling about her issues, propose to her on the spot because there is a high chance that she will keep private matters private.

5. Fuel station

This one is for the guys looking for patient and understanding women.

Next time there is significant fuel scarcity in the country, ensure that you visit different fuel stations. When you get there, try starting a conversation with a woman. During your conversations, lay emphasis on how the current government is the best.

If she remains calm and collected after your statement, marry her. But if she grabs her jerrycan and hits you on the head, you are on your own.

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