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Full Biography of Apostle Edu Udechukwu


I bring to you the Biography of Apostle Edu Udechukwu. Alot of people are searching about this fast rising man of God. He is anointed and making impacts in the body of Christ. Keep reading to find out more about Apostle Edu Udechukwu

Born on 26th June, Apostle Edu Udechukwu is a native of Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria. He was born into a Christian family and is currently the overseer and lead pastor of the Revival Hub International with branches in Enugu and Anambra with its headquarters at 2nd Floor, Banex Plaza (White House), Nkwo Nnewi, Anambra State.

Photo: Apostle Edu Udechukwu

Facts about Apostle Edu Udechukwu

Full nameEdu Udechukwu
Native townNnewi, Anambra State
StateAnambra State
MinistryRevival Hub International
AgeEarly 30s
Current locationAnambra state
Spiritual FatherApostle Arome Osayi
Course of disciplineFood Science and Technology

Revival Hub International

Revival Hub International is a network of Believers in Christ Jesus that have the desire to establish the kingdom of our Lord through intense workings of the Holy Spirit in and through men. The ministry holds her weekly meetings tagged Birth Pangs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.

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Edu Udechukwu is a graduate of Food Science and Technology.

Apostle Edu Udechukwu messages

Apostle Edu Udechukwu has preached thousands of messages that have Blessed the lives of many. His messages are life transforming, impactful and anointed.

However, you can access and download his sermons through the Revival Hub International Telegram group here. You can also access them through the following links.

  • • The Doctrine of Power – February 28th, 2021
  • • Kept by His Mercies – April 20th, 2020
  • • They that Overcometh – April 20th, 2020
  • • The Mystery of Iniquity I- April 19th, 2020
  • • The Mystery of Iniquity II – April 19th, 2020
  • • Battle of Seeds – April 15th, 2020
  • • The Blessing – October 30th, 2019
  • • Dark Sayings – October 30th, 2019
  • • The Apostolic Sending Model – October30th, 2019

Please, note that as stated in our policy, these sermon links are directly sourced from the Revival Hub International Ministry’s website and we do not upload any external files on our website except we have duly created them and own exclusive copyrights over them.

Edu Udechukwu Age

Apostle Edu is in his early 30s. His exact age hasn’t been disclosed yet. But we’ll ensure to update you when it’s verified.

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Edu Udechukwu Spiritual Father

The spiritual father of Edu Udechukwu is Apostle Osayi Arome. Edu has seen himself learn from the great Benue state Apostle Osayi Arome. They are often seen together in pictures and Edu has always referred to him as his spiritual father.

Apostle Arome Osayi has mentored and fathered many spiritual sons like Apostle Ede Udechukwu, Apostle Mike Orokpo and so on.

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Edu Udechukwu Ministry

His ministry Revival Hub International now has branches in Enugu and Anambra respectively. Edu Udechukwu is known to bring the word of God with much zeal and faith and he is a man with a deep passion to see believers and Christians spend time in prayers. He often organizes prayer marathon and lengthy prayers which span hours and draws people to seek the face of God in prayers.

Apostle Edu Udechukwu

Early life encounter

Some years ago, my father sent me to pastor a branch church.I arrived with all passion and zeal of an average anointed young minister. Early in the morning I will trek from my house at Akaboezem, Uruagu to Roundabout Nnewi to study and prepare for our meetings at the Nnewi Divisional library. The way I pack books, young boys were asking me whether I was a jambite, that’s a story for another day.

Of course am always fasting and praying but as soon as I enter the hall; no matter the anointing on me, it will lift. I said what is this I increased the daily meeting, it was then I developed running stomach anytime I mount the pulpit to preach; remember am always fasting that means this running stomach is on empty stomach.

This continued for some time; until God opened my eyes to the shape of the territory and the wisdom to surmount it. We planned a two days 10 hrs and all night meeting with my friend those days, it was war through out the night but at some point we broke through. I can’t tell you the manifestations of darkness we saw that night, at some point heavy human feet was pounding on the roof.

Tomorrow morning, the landlord came and told us he didn’t give out the hall for church. I said what!!! What have the former pastor been doing for 3 years? Some works have refused to grow because the building members congregate was dedicated to Territorial prince and the owner is a priest, just because he is a millionaire businessman and church elder means nothing.

Finally I found out there is something about night vigils that the princes of my territory and in fact the Eastern part of Nigeria cannot resist.


His Networth hasn’t be verified yet but we know that he makes his money from his ministerial calling.

Apostle Edu Relationship

Details about his relationship is still unknown but we know that he’s not yet married. As soon as we get verified information, we’ll let you know.

Apostle Edu Quotes

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