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Gabriel ‘Rymboxx’ Akhuetie (OAP @Correctfm) Biography, Songs, Movies, Wife


Gabriel Rymboxx Akhuetie is a Content Provider, Singer, Actor, Model, Communications Expert, Social Media Influencer, Husband and one who believes in giving his best to every task that he performs while upholding the ethical values and ideals of his organization. Rymboxx is an OAP at Correctfm 94.3 Kaduna.

Rymboxx Profile

Full NameGabriel Rymboxx Akhuetie
Nickname Rymboxx aka ‘a sa’ni ko a pasa’
Career Content Provider, Singer, Actor, Model, Communications Expert, Social Media Influencer, Broadcast Journalist
Radio Correctfm 94.3
Relationship Married
SpouseHannatu Gabriel
Family Members Bright Akuetie, Kevin Akhuetie
Music Label Beyound Boundaries Music
Field of disciplineMass Communication

Rymboxx as a Broadcast Journalist (OAP Career/Journey)

As we have earlier mentioned, Rymboxx is currently a broadcast journalist(OAP) at Correctfm Kaduna with frequency ‘94.3.’ He started working there in Oct 2020 – Present. He did his internship (Jun 2017 – Dec 2018) as a News and Current Affairs editor at Liberty Radio & TV which happens to be the biggest radio station in Kaduna state, having its branches in Kano, Abuja and Dubai.

Rymboxx aka ‘a sa’ni ko a pasa’ happens to be a great on air presenter in Crocity, having a high level of energy in bringing life to his shows #Correctman.

Rymboxx Songs

rymboxx songs

Gabriel Rymboxx Akhuetie is also a musician, haven released so many hit singles and is being featured in some songs with other music artist. Download some of his songs below.



Rymboxx – No Be By Power – DOWNLOAD





RYMBOXX This Love Ft Joy Adejo – DOWNLOAD

Download more songs by Rymboxx HERE

Rymboxx Movies

Ryms is also a talented actor. He’s currently featured in a movie series titled About Us.

Movie Description: The society today is faced with challenging issues of family, relationship and career. The rate of divorce is increasing and this could be caused by various factors, which often do not get resolved. About US! will address the issues of parenting, domestic violence, infidelity and abuse.


Rymboxx Marriage

rymboxx and wife

Gabriel Rymboxx Akhuetie is a happily married fellow. He is married to the love of his life Hannatu Gabriel. He calls her Tutu. They got married January 11,2020.

rymboxx wife

RYMBOXX Speaks on Marriage Nitty-Gritty

Gabriel Akhuetie popularly known as Rymboxx dishes out plenty wisdom on the essence of marriage as he prepares to tie the knot. Correct man ‘Rymboxx’ released a detailed statement on how marriage should be given priority and wedding should not be a great deal.

He added that his forthcoming wedding with his fiancée, Hannatu Sunday is tagged, “#TheMovie” because he plans to have a video shoot of one of his songs and not to impress anyone.

“This is going to be a long read… enjoy! Yesterday someone met me and said he can’t wait to come to my wedding and eat 3 plates of food. He said it jokingly though so i replied “you fit no even see 1 plate sef” he laughed really hard cos he thought i was joking but i wasn’t.The other day i got the estimate for decoration from our wedding planner and i laughed. I am not paying that money… they just don’t know it yet… you people might come and not even see any decoration! We will just paint everywhere black! LolSome people (close friends and relatives) are hoping I’ll book hotels and pay for transportation for them to attend my wedding… they are on a long thing! Very loooong thing!Some people don’t even understand that the reason why i called this wedding “The Movie” is because i want to use it to shoot a music video for a wedding song i recorded some time ago!I know that i have created and is still creating some mad buzz around this wedding but that’s me… i no come play! I also know that expectations are high but i am really not looking at impressing anybody. The person i need to impress is already super impressed already and she’s with me on this.See ehn, i have never felt the need to be stingy like i am now. I do not plan on spending money i don’t have. Shebi the wedding go end in a couple of hours and marriage will continue for a lifetime? Toh, lemme kuku focus on the marriage and give Tutu the world!We talked about these things yesterday and she had such a good laugh. She called me a clown when i said we should collect gatefee and turn the wedding to a concert sef. LolI think the most important part is the part i already have, which is a woman that is supportive and understands the journey. Our wedding will be beautiful and so is our marriage.So, this is me inviting you from the bottom of my heart to come experience RYM&TUTU #TheMovie”.


The story of Gabriel Akhuetie is quite a pretty, shocking and overwhelming one. Gabriel Akhuetie attended Comprehensive College Kaduna, where he did his secondary education before moving to Ahmadu Bello University and also University of Jos where he studied Mass Communication. Sometimes ago on social media, he recount how he wrote jamb 8 times. Read article below.

‘I wrote JAMB 8 times’ – Rymboxx reveals as he graduates with Honors

Thursday, the 16th day of the 5th month of 2019, Rymboxx narrated his ordeal of how he struggled to gain admission into the university and how he finally graduated with a 2nd Class Upper in Mass Communication.

He wrote and I quote; “Today I drove to Zaria to collect my certificate from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University. When I got it, i looked at the piece of paper that practically sum up my 4 years in ABU and couldn’t help but remember how I struggled with JAMB and admission so badly that it became shameful especially because the least I ever scored was 235 and I was applying for “an easy to get course” mass communication.

In total, I wrote JAMB 8 times! 8 good times!!! Every year, different story- a different reason to give up- a different reason to truly give up- the only one thing that was constant was the fact that I never get admitted. I remember how I’d go through each day with so much energy and vigour but I’d cry at night. I remember how I’d pay for people to register for JAMB, they’ll get admission, go to school, graduate and I was still at the same spot.

At some point, I accepted that getting a degree was not for me but I just wanted to get the admission to prove to myself that there was nothing wrong with me- I needed to know that I wasn’t cursed.

“I would pray, fast, beg God, cry, plead, cry some more and nothing! Not even a single word of assurance that everything will be fine. I remember one time I traveled to write post-UME and met some friends at a wedding afterward and they laughed at me to my face and said they are waiting for the day that I’ll finally accept that school is not for everybody.

I also remember the day I came back home from basketball practice and saw my uncle and his wife in the house. They came to tell my parents that my case was a spiritual attack and they were willing to help take me to a prophet to cast and bind. I cried ehn… people, I hear wheeeen! Kai… I don cry for this life! Anyways, in 2014 I finally got admitted to ABU to study mass communication and 4 years later, my case is no longer shameful!!! I can beat my chest and say “that mountain- I climbed it! That hurdle that seems insurmountable- I jump am pass! Village people dinnor win this battle! Their fada!”

“Through it all, I understand that we are all on a journey and everybody’s journey is unique and so is our speed. Mine might not be as fast or smooth as someone else’s but I am going to enjoy every phase and step of the way. Kindly embrace and enjoy yours. Challenges will come, problems might come but through it all, trust in God, believe in the process and enjoy the ride. I came, I saw, (dem see me too), I conquer and I steady stepped out with a 2.1 plus a giant swag that says NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME! *Drops mic like a boss*”

In an interview last year, Rymboxx described his kind of music as an expression of how he feels. “My music is basically an expression of how I feel on the inside… it’s just my way of capturing some of the things that go through my mind… you know I don’t really look at being different from anybody, I just dwell on being me and expressing myself through my art in the best way that I can.”

Rymboxx Shares his Ordeal In the Music Industry.

Gabriel Rymboxx Akhuetie is one of Kaduna’s top artist that is currently making waves in the industry. Sometime ago, he made a post on his facebook page about how he was asked to make a blood covennant to be famous but he turned it down.
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Photos of Gabriel Rymboxx

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Rymboxx of Social Media

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